How to Create Clickable Page Titles

Welcome back!  In today’s video post, Heather discusses how to create compelling, clickable page Titles for your website.  Page Titles are important to master, as they not only weigh heavily in search engine positioning but also serve as your first conversions opportunity on the search engine results page.

So take a few moments and join Heather as she discusses the dual purpose of page Titles and shares tips for crafting them:

The highlights of today’s lesson are…

Titles have a very specific structure:

  • Page Titles are limited to 50 – 75 characters, including spaces.  Try to keep them to around 69 characters.
  • The Page Title “lives” above your browser window, and appears in the backend code framed as <title>My Cool Web Page<title>
  • Every Title should be unique to each and every page on your site – and yes, this does mean each page, however deep your site!  Think of your page Titles as book titles that distinguish the different books in a library or bookstore.
  • Be sure to include the keyphrases you used for the page in the Title for that page

Titles serve a dual purpose:

  • Well-written Titles paired with strong content help pages position well on the search engines results page
  • Clickable, compelling Titles tempt your prospects to click on your link rather than the nine competing ones on the search engine results page, improving your website’s click-thru rate

Using the example of the search engine results for “business cards,” it is clear that while all the page Titles are written well from an SEO standpoint, positioning for the keyphrase “business card,” and all do a good job of describing the page, the Vistaprint Title is the most “clickable” with its reader appeal:  it features its “sale,” and further lets the user know that there are discounts available throughout the site.

The Vistaprint example underscores the power of pairing the page Title with a benefit statement or call to action.  Local businesses have experimented with including their phone number in the Title, encouraging their prospects to call them.

That’s a wrap for today’s mini-lesson on creating compelling, clickable page Titles.  Thanks for joining us, and be sure to tune in next week when Heather will go into more detail on writing powerful benefit statements.  See you then!


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    • Laura says:

      Hi Mark, and thanks for the feedback! If you’d like to learn more about SEO, including how to create powerful page Titles, I’d strongly recommend you check into Heather Lloyd’s SEO Copywriting training – just click the link and I’m sure you’ll find something that suits your needs! Otherwise, just keep it “dialed” here at the SEO Copywriting blog site ;)


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