3 proven strategies for the challenged SEO copywriter

Has your writing muse abandoned you? Fear not – it happens.

In these three “best of” SEO copywriting video how-to’s, Heather shares her favorite writing tips to awaken your mind and kick-starting what it is you do best: brilliant SEO copywriting!

Take courage and avail yourself to Heather’s savvy & successful SEO copywriting tips with these three video shorts:


3 SEO content ideas for the blogging blocked

Heather discusses three SEO content ideas for those of you who may be “blogging blocked.”

If you’ve been blogging awhile, eventually you’ll probably hit the point where you’re not sure what to write about anymore. It can be very frustrating to sit there, looking at a blank page, thinking, I need to come up with a post, what am I going to do?

So here are some ideas for those folks who may be stuck because they’ve been blogging for a while, or for those who are just starting to blog and they’re looking for different avenues in which to do it…


How a swipe file can conquer writer’s block

Heather shares her favorite writing tip that can benefit all writers, whether you’re an in-house copywriter, freelance writer, blogger, or even a novelist. And that tip is: how to use a swipe file.

Swipe files are spectacular because they offer a great way to conquer writer’s block and provide inspiration on those days that you really need it!

Tune in to learn what a swipe file is, and how to use it to infuse your writing muse…


How to create an editorial calendar

In past webinars, Heather has discussed the importance of having an editorial calendar, but she has never actually addressed how to create one. So in this video, she does just that.

Listen up as Heather de-complicates the “editorial calendar” with three steps to creating one that serves both you and your content development team…


photo thanks to eamoncurry123 (Eamon Curry)


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