SEO Content Marketing Roundup, Week Ending October 26th, 2010

Maybe the mid-term elections are affecting us all, as this week’s latest and greatest web writing news seems to be rattling the proverbial cage!

Featuring alternatives, different takes, overlooked opportunities, and the hottest new technologies driving content marketing today, it’s a lively roundup… Keep an open mind, buckle up and enjoy the ride!

So you’ve got your highest-converting search terms nailed, right? Maybe not… Check out this SEOmoz video to see what steps in the conversion funnel you well may have missed. (You may be surprised)!

Yes, it’s true, Google TV is here (and YouTube has officially launched its Leanback for Google TV), so if you’ve a bunch of video content, this Search Engine Land post by Vanessa Fox is rich with resources on how to optimize it for the ol’ squawk box.

Speaking of new search technology, mobile search is blazing as the hottest growing trend while desktop searches dropped (in the UK, at least) according to this State of Search post. A worthwhile reality check!

Word to the wise on broadening your perspective beyond strict SEO strategy and link-building techniques: Lee Odden of Top Rank posts an in-depth Social Media Marketing Checklist, while Ann Smarty guest blogs about the long-term influencing power of, well, guest blogs at Social Media Examiner.

Finally, some hearty, more mainstream fare is offered up at Content Marketing Institute with 13 specific examples of engaging content, while SEOmoz posts the (bravely-titled) Definitive Guide to Awesome Web Content.

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  1. Abby Gilmore says:

    Thanks for the round-up! The Content Marketing Institute always puts out great info for the content marketing industry.. but the “Definitive Guide to Awesome Web Content” was particularly useful!

    Thanks again.


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