Blogging: 4 Experts Share Their Favorite Tips & Strategies

Four reader favorites about blogging are featuredLast month we shared a collection of our all-time favorite posts that focused on content: creation, marketing, quality and strategy.

Following up on that thread and twisting it a tad, today we feature four reader favorites about blogging by experts who shared their favorite tips and strategies with us!

Learn: how to land a guest post gig, what to watch for when writing and publishing your blog, how to write a quality post in a time crunch, and the content marketing mojo of blogging beyond SEO.

And enjoy!

Ann Smarty

8 steps to landing guest posts

Widely known in the SEO and blogging community as the owner of MyBlogGuest and SEOsmarty, Ann Smarty writes an expert mini-guide on how to land guest post gigs, every time!



Nick Stamoulis

Beyond SEO: The content marketing power of the blog

Brick Marketing’s Nick Stamoulis discusses why blogging makes for a powerful content marketing strategy and savvy business practice in establishing yourself as a go-to resource for your clients and becoming an expert in your vertical.


Melissa Fach

5 things that make me stop reading a blog post

Written from her perspective as the (then) Managing Editor of Search Engine Journal, Melissa Fach discusses what she can’t abide in a blog post. With its inclusion of readability and usability, this is especially helpful information for aspiring bloggers!



Heather Lloyd-Martin

Write a (good) blog post in 1 hour – here’s how!

Our own Heather Lloyd-Martin shares 8 pro tips for cranking out a fun, informative, quality blog post in a time crunch. (It can be done, and well!)


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