Boost Your Conversions with Power Words

Good day! Today we’re taking it back to “old school” copywriting, as Heather addresses how to boost your conversions with “power words.”

Back in the day – before SEO copywriting, even before Web writing – copywriters focused on adding “power words” to their content, such as their direct sales letters, to improve conversions. It’s a tried and true strategy that’s been used by copywriters for many, many years.

Tune in as Heather explains what power words are, how they work, and how you can use them to strengthen your copy with their conversion-driving mojo:

What are “power words” and how do they work?

Long before copywriters added keywords to their online copy, they focused on adding “power words” that helped boost conversions.  Tested for “phraseology,” these select words have been proven to elicit an emotional response from readers. They get people excited about the product or service being offered and help them take that next action step.

  • Power words help with “emotional selling.”  They’re about getting people excited, engaged, and taking action (making that conversions step).

What are some typical power words?

A partial list of some typical power words include:

–       Now

–       Proven

–       Exclusive

–       Bonus

–       You

–       Power

–       Powerful

–       How to

–       Results

–       Guarantee

It’s interesting, once you read the list, how many places you’ll see these words used in web copy and direct mail, and hear them used in radio and television ads.

Of these power words, “You is very important.  Writing the word “you” in the copy and thereby personalizing the experience for the reader can really help boost conversion rates. “You” is a word that has proven to be incredibly powerful in both the online and offline copywriting world.

What does this mean to your online writing?

Whether you’re B2B or B2C, there are ways to integrate power words into your content so they flow naturally and fit with your site’s overall tone and feel.

  • Try using a “power word” in your headlines and measure the click-throughs and re-tweets.
  • See if you can weave a power word into your calls-to-action.
  • It’s important to not overdo it. You want your copywriting to appeal to your prospect – not be heavy-handed.

Experiment with using power words – try using them to begin a sentence or paragraph. Don’t be afraid to use them. Play with them and get a feel for what works for your site. Applied skillfully, power words are every bit as effective in boosting conversions as they were way back when.

Boost your conversion with these powerful words!
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  1. Kay Alexander says:

    Heather THANK YOU for takingme right back ro VERY important basics – this info feels fresh because it had sunk away in the depths of my brain possibly never to be used again – until you reminded me – Thank You, I’ll be using this advise in my next website and to spruce up exisiting ones.

  2. Heather Georgoudiou says:

    Hey Heather,

    Great post! Love these power words, I wrote them on an index card and stuck it above my computer. I will check for these words in my editing process. Thanks for the reminder!


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