Transform Ordinary Features into Extraordinary Benefits

Welcome back!  As promised, today we’re going to discuss how to transform those ordinary <yawn> features into extraordinary <wow!> benefit statements that explicitly tell the prospect what is in it for them.

That is what makes the successful copywriting world go round, whether you’re doing SEO, direct response, or email sales copywriting:  Benefits.  Why? Because at the end of the day, your prospects want to know what’s in it for them.

Recalling last week’s video post, Features vs. Benefits, Heather pointed out that while we all can claim impressive features (i.e., facts) that we know make our business cool — and what we typically see online — they actually mean nothing to our prospect.  For instance, what does “open 24/7” actually do for them, specifically?  You also may have the challenge of multiple prospects, each with a different idea of “what’s in it for me.”  Merely listing features won’t convert. There’s a problem to be solved.

Tune in and see how to transform your company’s features into solid benefit statements that answer the question:  What’s in it for me?

How to Create Benefit Statements

So how do we go about transforming a feature/fact into a compelling, converting benefit statement?  Here are some examples:

Feature: We have over 10,000 car parts in stock.

Benefit Statement: “No waiting for the part you need – even for exotic cars!  Order the part you need and we’ll be working on your car the next business day.”

Feature: Our skin care cream contains clinically-proven YouthX.

Benefit Statement: “YouthX has been clinically proven to help you see noticeably smoother, younger skin in just 30 days.”

Feature: Open 24/7

Benefit Statement: “Learn on your schedule – whether that’s in your jammies at 1 a.m., or during normal working hours.”

You’ll notice that all of these benefit statements bring the corresponding features around to highlight their benefits: your work is to make the benefits implicit in a feature as explicit and specific as possible.  For instance, YouthX promises its benefit of noticeably smoother, younger skin in just 30 days, and the car parts company states the benefit that it will be working on your car the next business day.

Know What Motivates People

Coupling your benefit statement with a motivating emotion makes for powerful copywriting.  Typically, the psychological hot points across the board are a bit of a twist on the seven deadly sins:

  • Fear
  • Greed
  • Exclusivity
  • Flattery
  • Anger
  • Guilt

Understanding these motivating forces is also instrumental in helping you create your own U.S.P., or unique selling proposition.  The U.S.P. is precisely what we’ll be discussing in our next video post.


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  1. Heather Georgoudiou says:

    Wow. These videos are amazing. As an in-house copywriter I deal with feature and benefit statements on a daily basis. And sometimes it’s really hard to figure out! I learned a ton from this video. Such a great idea!

    These techniques help me with everything from headlines, to web copy to social media posts! Everyone wants to know What’s In It For Them and with these tips.. you make it easier to figure out! Supersmart!

  2. Laura Crest says:

    Hi Heather! So glad you’re getting helpful information from Heather’s videos. That’s what the intention is! I forgot one of driving emotions/psychological hot buttons, by the way: Salvation. Appreciate your comments! Thank you :)

    • Laura says:

      Hi Vi! Thanks for sharing Heather’s work with your students. Great to know that one of your students is an accomplished translator! Appreciate your comments, very much :)


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