Conversions optimization: Does your sales copy sing?

This week's SEO content challenge is conversions optimization with sales contentLast week, we discussed whether your home page was doing its job. If it is, then your site visitors are clicking through to your sales pages.

So today the question is: how are your sales pages performing? Are you seeing the conversions you want?

If you’re selling products, how do your product descriptions read? Are they targeted to your market with the appropriate tone and feel? Are they highly descriptive? Or are they generic, abbreviated blurbs?

Neglecting to flesh out your product descriptions could be costing you customers.

Beyond product and service descriptions, how does your sales copy read overall? Is it so laden with keyphrases that it’s difficult to read? Are your keyphrases still relevant?

Is your call to action prominently displayed?

Does your sales content sing with specific benefits? Or does it simply list your product or service features?

This week’s SEO content challenge: Review your sales pages. Check your analytics, and look at bounce rates.

Then seek out every opportunity to improve your sales copy, and watch your conversions take off!

image thanks to Cea

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