5 essential business survival lessons for the freelance SEO content writer

Five of Heather Lloyd-Martin's top posts on the business of freelance SEO copyritingFrom time to time, Heather takes some time off. Yes. And we all need to do that now and then, right? If Heather has taught us anything, it’s that taking a writing break is good for us and for our freelance copywriting business.

The last time Heather took anything resembling a “real” break, I assembled a collection of her posts directed at freelance SEO copywriters. They were personal and served to encourage, inspire, and motivate. (You may recall “Write, play, live…”).

Today, I’ve selected another handful of Heather’s posts from the archives that I’m sure you’ll find every bit as helpful as when you first read them. (And if you haven’t been following Heather’s posts for very long, then you will want to go back and read even more of her stuff!)

The tenor of these posts has more to do with the business realities facing the freelance SEO content writer. Having walked that road for many a mile and back, Heather has a lot to offer in lessons, counsel, and plain business smart talk.

So take a moment to learn from one savvy freelance SEO copywriter and successful businesswoman, Heather Lloyd-Martin!


Are you putting your freelance biz at risk?Are you putting your freelance copywriting business at risk?

You may be the most brilliant writer on the planet, but if you don’t have a “head for business” your chances of succeeding as a freelance copywriter aren’t so good.

In this toughish-love post, Heather gives freelance copywriters this reality check: “If you don’t have the business side of your business tight and wired, you will fail.” And then lists some of the financial woes you will most likely face, before finally failing altogether.

Not a pretty picture – but here is where Heather shines, in giving freelance writers the “reality bites” information they need to know. Read up on 11 things to consider if you’re serious about running a freelance copywriting business.


When to walk awayWhen to walk away

Ouch. It looks like it may be time to end a client relationship. This is hard, even painful – especially if this is an original client, a client you’ve developed a friendship with, or a long-term client (and likely all three in one big owie).

How do you know if you’re doing the right thing, both for you and for your client? Heather outlines ten scenarios when it may be time to walk away – and an 11th scenario that may mean turning away a prospect (*gasp!*).


http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photos-salted-peanuts-falling-out-blue-bowl-image12910883Quit getting paid peanuts: 10 tips for freelance writers

Find yourself scrambling to make those proverbial ends meet, and complaining about your “cheap” clients? If you’re burning the candle at both ends and simply not making enough money, then this is a wake-up call.

As Heather explains it in this other toughish-love post, it is not the fault of your freelance copywriting clients that you’re getting paid peanuts. It’s yours. No one is going to offer to pay you more than you ask – and it is up to you to show your value and charge accordingly.

Check out these 10 tips to reconcile your value with your paycheck! It really is up to you.


10 stupid business mistakes smart writers make10 stupid business mistakes smart writers make

Heather starts it off with “Are you fearful of a business #FAIL?”

Then she discusses 10 common business mistakes even the smartest of writers make, from missing deadlines to spacing out client invoices. Any of these seemingly minor mistakes can erode your chance of succeeding in the highly competitive freelance copywriting industry.

Although written in April of 2011, these freelance copywriting business mistakes are still happening all too frequently. Am I wrong? Check out the list and see which applies to you (be honest, now!) and figure out how to prevent it/them from sabotaging your business in the future!


http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-image-transform-fear-action-concept-image29545056New SEO content writer? How to conquer fear and land clients

Lest we forget the brand spanking new SEO copywriter, here’s a giant “you got this!” booster – provided you can set aside fear and take some suggestions.

Heather lists six things the new freelance SEO content writer can do to get started and gather experience plus a portfolio. If you’re willing to follow her guidelines, then yes, you got this! (I know, cause I did) :)

I’m sure there are about 10 or more additional posts by Heather that I could have included in this collection, but I’m also sure I’ll find another occasion to gather them for you. In the meantime, have a fantastic weekend and we’ll see you Monday morning!

photo thanks to Paul Inkles

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5 replies
  1. Thomas Smith says:

    Some great articles here, I’m going to be busier reading than writing from the look of it… How’s that for a break from writing? ;-)

  2. William says:

    That was a good write up but I must to some degree disagree with you. As a writer besides only writing for magnification which in the SEO terms is optimization in search engines, one must also write for the audience; the visitors who come through the search engines. If both one can be successful in both, then you have done your job as a freelance SEO writer.

    • Heather Lloyd-Martin says:

      Hi, @William-

      It looks like we’re on the same page. If you check out my other blog posts, you’ll see that I’ve always emphasized writing for the audience. I’ve never pushed the “do everything for Google” mantra (which is good, since it’s kept my site – and my clients sites – in good Google standing all these years.)



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