How to make prospects want you, again & badly!

Greetings! Glad you’re back, as Heather has created another awesome SEO copywriting video! Today, she talks about how to make prospects desperately want your product or service…even more than before…and right now!

Of her favorite copywriting strategies, Heather discusses how to tap these most compelling buyer buttons: exclusivity & perceived value. And this is really fun, as it applies to day-to-day life!

Ever go to a club or restaurant and see this?

  • Wow… looks exclusive, doesn’t it?

 If you’ve ever gone out to an exclusive night club or a highbrow restaurant, or per chance just walked by and spotted that velvet rope with that long line of people, cued up waiting to get into the place…

  • Don’t you want to visit even more than before?

Even if you didn’t want to go into that club or restaurant before, you can’t help but think “Wow! I wonder what’s going on in there?” because it helps build perceived value and it looks exclusive.

  • The “velvet rope effect”

This is something that is called “the velvet rope effect” and it helps to bolster “perceived value.”

So, instead of your prospects feeling like “Wow – everyone has access to this, so it’s not a big deal,” they think about it as: “Only a select few people get to know what I know,” and it helps make them feel special.

So here’s how you can work with this exclusivity/velvet rope message in your own marketing:

How the velvet rope effect can strengthen your marketing

  • Increase Twitter sign-ups by promising followers that they will be the “first to know” about any special sales.
  • Mention in your copy that your “services aren’t for everyone…just for a select few.”
  • Give “special” customers early access to sales
  • Increase your prices!

So for example, if you want to get more Twitter followers, one thing you can do is say that when you release a sale or something special goes on, you’ll tell your Twitter followers first!

You can also do this via a newsletter, so that way folks will realize that they are the “V.I.P” That way, your core group of subscribers will realize that they are all that and a bag of chips, VIP: they will get that that information before anyone else, and so they’ll be more likely to sign up for whatever you are offering!



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