Boost Your Conversion Rates with One Word

Want to grab your readers’ attention?

Try focusing on the word “free.”

(Bet your eyes just snapped on the word already!)

Like the word “you,” “free” is a very powerful power word and yet one that many copywriters fail to use correctly.

If you’re just catching up, Heather’s been talking about “power words” – those conversions-driving words that have been tried and tested by the copywriting community since pre-internet time. When weaved into your content, these power words can help increase your conversion rates by eliciting an emotional response from your readers.

So… how can you fail to correctly leverage that sexy power word, “free”? As easily as you fail to let your readers fail to understand the real value of it.

Tune in as Heather discusses how to use that mighty power word, “free,” so that it both conveys value to your readers and helps increase your conversion rates.

Will using the word “free” in your online copy help increase conversion rates?

If used correctly, you bet!

  • “Free” is one of those powerful power words that definitely gets your attention.  But it is also one that requires some finesse in its use if it is to mean something of value to your prospects and help you with conversions.

So today we’ll be talking about how to effectively use and leverage the word “free” in your online copywriting.

The word “free” is a power word…

  • The challenge is that within a sales situation, many copywriters don’t know how to use it correctly.

Think about the word “free” from the prospect’s perspective. The prospect is coming to your site and finds that you’re giving away a product or service for free.  Well, in their mind….

“Free” has no value…

  • People aren’t thinking about the deal that they’re getting…
  • They’re merely focusing on the word “free”

Your prospects aren’t considering the long hours, the research, the considerable investment that you’ve put in to create this “free” product or service. They’re not thinking about the intrinsic value of the freebie, they’re just transfixed on the word FREE.

So what can you do instead? Simple:

To get your prospects to really understand the value of what you’re giving away, and to increase conversion rates, here’s all you need to do:

  • If you’re providing an incentive gift, simply include the value of the gift:

As shown on the left, specifying “a $47 value” reassures prospects that they’re already ahead of the game, making them much more comfortable with their purchase as they see high-value extra’s thrown in.

  • If you’re offering a “savings,” tell your prospects how much they’re saving:

Looking at the example of “Adult Costumers: Grease Cool Sandy,” you’ll see that the full retail price of $47 is shown, followed by the site’s price of $34.95. Prospects will immediately see the value in purchasing from the website as opposed to paying full retail somewhere else.

  • It is much more powerful to demonstrate the value of your “free” offering than it is to simply state the word “free.”


photo credit to Mike Licht

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