My Favorite 2010 SEO Copywriting Posts

Goodness, it’s hard to believe that it’s December 16th already! Where DID 2010 go?

This is my last post of the year. Every year, I take a two-week “writing break” between December 15th and January 1. I use the time to recharge my creative batteries, reflect on the year – and game plan for the year ahead.

Part of my “writing break” prep involves reading and reviewing some of my old writing. While I was browsing through the 2010 blog posts. I found some cool ones that I wanted to dust off and share. If you haven’t read these before, they’re definitely worth a looksee.

I’ve categorized my 2010 favorites below, plus provided a little back-story behind the post. Enjoy!

Posts that seem to “hit a nerve.” Every once in awhile, I write something that causes people to jump up and say, “You too? I thought I was the only one going through that!” I may only get 10 blog comments, but I’ll receive 75 emails or more.  It’s amazing (and pretty cool, too!)  If you’re feeling a little squeezed, here are some posts to help jump-start your motivation:

Surviving the business dark times (Written after a really amazing chat with a fantastic copywriter. Since then, her life and business have completely turned around. I’m incredibly proud of her.)

Overcoming the overwhelm monster (Written in response to the incredible pressure I was under back then – wow!)

8 ways to keep writing when you’re working on creative fumes (Ditto! I write about what I know…)

Posts that were fun to write. Some SEO copywriting posts kept me laughing during the entire writing process., OK, it could be because I’m a bit nuts. I’ll accept that. But really, they were that fun to write. Here’s a sample:

What Mad Men can teach you about online writing (I loved this post, BTW, but it never got much Twitter-love. Go figure.)

SEO copywriting tips in Haiku (Written in 10 minutes after a fantastic acupuncture appointment.)

Posts that are great for DIY SEO copywriters. We created scads of how-to SEO copywriting information this year. Here’s just a sample:

Supercharge your Web copy with simple keyphrase editing (Laura did a great job explaining this often-overlooked SEO copywriting strategy.)

Baby-step your way into a a SEO content development strategy (The most common comment I get after I present on SEO copywriting is, “I’m SO glad that I don’t have to rewrite everything all at once.” I hope the blog post made others feel a little more sane, as well.)

Posts targeted towards freelance Web copywriters. Many of my SEO Copywriting Certificate students are freelance Web copywriters – so I always hear great “in the trenches” stories. Here are two posts that resulted after conversations with various copywriters.

Client management tips from Captain Hindsight (The inspiration for this post was a conversation on the Facebook SEO Copywriting page. And, OK, it was a little South-Park inspired, too.)

And the all-time, most popular post this year is…drumroll please:

25 SEO copywriting tips you can implement today

(It’s got a great linkbait title and it’s a pretty cool post, too! No surprise it’s so popular!)

As we close out 2010, I want to thank every one of you for your readership. Your feedback, comments, tweets and emails always bring a smile to my face.  Here’s hoping that 2011 will bring you health, wealth and happiness.

Happy holidays, everyone!

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