SEO content marketing roundup, week ending December 5th

It’s that time of year again … too many parties and not enough time. It seems everyone uses the approaching Christmas holiday season to get social.

In the next two weeks I have five Holiday lunch gatherings and four evening Holiday parties scheduled.  I think using Facebook or Twitter would be easier on my liver and waistline!

As I mentioned in last week’s roundup, pay attention to your fellow marketing professionals. Your inbox is sure to be full of offers each day in the coming weeks.

Please let us know if you’ve spotted any superb campaigns. Did you buy something because of an email? Don’t be shy about telling us why you think a particular approach worked.

Enjoy the parties and this week’s roundup!

Content Marketing

Is it time for you to abandon Facebook? Revisit the notion of digital sharecropping with Sonia Simone as she sows some seeds at Copyblogger.

Pamela Vaughan prognosticates about insightful marketing predictions for 2013 at HubSpot.

Get the best Content Marketing tips from the best in Social Business. Erin Nelson reveals them at Search Engine Journal.

Need to produce high quality content to keep up with Google? Try using interns! Nathan Parcells tells you why at KISSmetrics.

If you are a content creator, check out Roald Dahl’s solution. Robert Peters shares the discipline at Copyblogger.

When is the best time to publish a blog post? Matt McGee reveals the precise hour at Small Business Search Marketing.

Can you really make money from blogging? In a corporation? Lee Odden gives the lowdown at TopRank.

Is it context marketing or content marketing? I don’t get it. Corey Eridon sets you straight at HubSpot.

How can you track your offline marketing campaigns with online analytics? Kristi Hines shows you some tricks at KISSmetrics.

Read how content marketing is like riding a bike. Amy Teeple turns the crank at SEO Copywriting.


SEO and Search

Learn 7 Advanced Link Building strategies for a competitive edge from Pratik Dholakiya at Search Engine Journal.

Are small businesses getting Google+d? Corey Eridon details the challenges placed on them at HubSpot.

Don’t let your SEO battleship get sunk. Kristine Schachinger says “Damn the torpedoes” at Search Engine Watch.

Need a template to help you master PPC campaigns? Matthew Wainwright leads the way at HubSpot.

Are thieves stealing your content? Learn how to protect your property. Phillip Garrett shows you how at KISSmetrics.

Are you wasting money on SEO? Chad VanCalster has an opinion at Social Media Today.

Get in the trenches and learn about Google Analytics’ best updates and the most common user mistakes from Jenise Uehara Henrikson at Search Engine Journal.

Take your Twitter campaign to a new level with SEO data. Jim Yu tells you how to do it at Search Engine Land.

Lee Odden reminisces about a couple search pioneers who were a perfect match: Vanessa Fox and Mel Carson. Read more at TopRank.

How do you feel about getting “Scroogled?” Chris Crum looks at Bing’s holiday dig of Google at WebProNews.


  • Learn How to Succeed in Online Marketing at SES New York held March 25th-28th, 2013 in, where else? New York!

Social Media Marketing

Are you a B2B copywriter? Learn how video might be the key to exploding your business. Brett Relander has some compelling data at Social Media Today.

Have you gotten really social, really fast? Ian Cleary helps you keep those relationships fresh with three tools to simplify Social Marketing at Social Media Examiner.

Think you’re a heavy hitter? How’s your Klout score? Does anyone care? Michael Schrage may surprise you at Harvard Business Review.

Social media advertising is a bit of an art form. Ashley Zeckman reveals four tips for using Twitter Ads and Promoted Tweets at TopRank.

Here are three unconventional ways to boost Facebook engagement. Jim Belosic delivers the goods at Social Media Examiner.

Stephanie Winans guides you through six steps to a small business social media strategy at Social Media Today.


photo thanks to RasMarley

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