3 Ways to get “Back to the Basics” of SEO copywriting

Has the hustle-bustle of the holiday season put you over the edge? This has been a year of change … my head is certainly spinning. Heck, some days I’m unable to distinguish a Penguin from a Panda!

Life often gets complicated and overwhelming during the Christmas holiday season. As you wind down the year and think about your New Year’s resolution, consider keeping it simple.

Heather takes us “Back to the Basics” with three fundamental SEO copywriting how-to videos. Watch and be reminded how sticking to the basics of SEO copywriting can improve your business in 2013.

What is SEO Copywriting?

In this video how-to, Heather strips SEO copywriting down to the bare bones: what it is, how it differs from straight copywriting, and why it is so important for web pages and sites.

At its core, SEO copywriting (or SEO content) is online writing that includes keyphrases, i.e. words people type into a search box to find the information they need.

Some say the best SEO is great content. Your writing – how and what you write – has everything to do with customer satisfaction, search engine ranking, traffic to your blog, and financial success. Good SEO copywriting engages your customers, makes you money and attracts incoming links.

SEO editing vs. copywriting for SEO

SEO/keyphrase editing and SEO copywriting are very different:

  • SEO (Keyphrase) Editing: SEO editing is most appropriate for existing content that isn’t crucial to the sales/conversion goals of the copy. It means taking the most relevant, applicable keywords and phrases for a page and working them in where they naturally fit:  you’re not rewriting or substantively revising the existing copy.
  • Copywriting for SEO: SEO copywriting means you’re starting from scratch, and creating the content geared for a customer persona, including call to action, tone and feel of the site, and other copywriting fundamentals, while massaging in the keywords and keyphrases as you write.

SEO copywriting tips: How to create a clickable Title

Great Titles help increase search engine rankings – and help visitors convert from the search engine results page (SERP) page.

Titles have a very specific structure:

  • Page Titles are limited to 50 – 75 characters, including spaces. Try to keep them to around 69 characters.
  • The Page Title “lives” above your browser window, and appears in the backend code framed as <title>My Cool Web Page<title>
  • Be sure to include the keyphrases you use for the page in the Title for that page
Titles serve a dual purpose:
  • Well-written Titles paired with strong content help pages position well on the SERP
  • Clickable, compelling Titles tempt your prospects to click on your link rather than the nine competing links on the SERP, improving your website’s click-thru rate

photo thanks to Noell (Noell Hyman)

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3 replies
  1. Kumar Gauraw says:

    Thanks for sharing the info quickly. I wanted to know what exactly is there in your certification package?

    Sorry, I am a new visitor here browsing from my iPhone and couldn’t have patience to browse on this small screen for everything. Would you mind sharing some info (may be in email) on this course, please?

  2. Nick Stamoulis says:

    First and foremost, content should be written for readers. Focus on their needs and what they’d want to read. Next, do some optimization. See if you can fit keywords in naturally. Never force them or add in too many- it’s obvious and raises a red flag with the search engines.

  3. Aaron says:

    If you are writing engaging and valuable information, the keywords will flow naturally. Just don’t try to stuff too much information into one blog, article, or page. If you split them up into multiple posts or pages, it will be easier to target one specific idea.

    Thanks for the post, this is the first time I’ve seen this site, and I am going to cruise around and see what you’ve got. I followed a twitter post to get here.


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