SEO Copywriting Top 10: May 14 to 20, 2014

What do your links look like?

What do your links look like?

There’s much ado about links this week as Osanda Cooray runs you step-by-step through conducting a backlink analysis in Excel to improve your own site and to scope out the competition, and Elisa Gabbert gives you the expert scoop on link value.

You’ll also find conversion-rate boosters in Hayley Mullen’s science of CTAs and James Scherer’s landing page content techniques.

Have you encountered “the mullet master” client yet? Don’t miss Heather’s post on which clients you need to avoid!

1. Sally Ormond writes Writing Copy is Easy. Writing Great Copy is Tough for Freelance Copywriter’s Blog.

2. Melanie Davis writes How to Speak Like a Human (and Why It Matters) for Convince & Convert.

3. Tim Aldiss writes A prioritised web development & site migration SEO checklist for Econsultancy.

4. Hayley Mullen writes The Science of CTAs: 5 Things That Drive Conversions for Kapost Content Marketeer.

5. Ryan Farrell writes Build A Go-To Team That Can Conquer Any Content Marketing Challenge for Content Marketing Institute.

6. James Scherer writes How Adding Personality and Trust to Your Landing Pages can Maximize Conversion Rates for KISSmetrics.

7. Osanda Cooray writes Conduct a Backlink Profile Analysis with Excel (case study) for Social Media Today.

8. Martin Shervington writes How to Create a Google+ Community to Grow Your Business for Social Media Examiner.

9. Heather Lloyd-Martin writes 5 SEO Client Types to Avoid at All Costs for SEO Copywriting.

10. Elisa Gabbert writes The Future of PageRank: 13 Experts on the Dwindling Value of the Link for Search Engine Journal.

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Photo thanks to Irina Patrascu

3 replies
  1. Benjamin Beck says:


    Thank you for another great collection of top content in our industry!

    Wondering, what are you looking for to make the top 10?

    What’s the X- factor for you?

  2. Tracy Mallette says:

    Thanks for the kudos, Benjamin! I’m looking for posts that are most relevant to our readers – SEO copywriters, freelance writers and in-house content teams. :)

    You’re welcome, Hayley! Thanks for writing such a helpful post. :)


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