SEO Copywriting Top 10: May 7 to 13, 2014

give content keys to customers

It might be time to hand the content keys over to your customers.

First, social media scared brands when consumers could share information about them publicly. Well, that’s old news.

Now, there’s a whole new fearsome trend – letting customers create content for you!

As Matt points out in the first post below, “Fan-generated content creation can yield big increases in the metrics marketers are most obsessed with: time on site, followers or page views, SEO, and bounce rates.”

It might be time to hand over them content keys, folks. Hey, you’re not selling ’em to random strangers from a van – they’re your beloved customers who love you and want to help. Mull it over while you read the post below.

1. Matt Myers writes Is It Time to Hand Consumers the Keys to Your Content Creation? for Content Marketing Institute.

2. Michael Iwasaki writes Google Finally Validates Why a Press Release Helps Your Online Exposure and, Potentially, Your Rankings for Social Media Today.

3. James Agate writes The World of Link Opportunities Beyond Bloggers for Moz.

4. Andrew J. Coate writes 75% of Your Future Content Marketing Team Is Already in the Building for Kapost Content Marketeer.

5. Sherice Jacob writes How to Plan Your Content Marketing Strategy Beyond the Blog (Part 1 of 2) for KISSmetrics.

6. Andrei Petrik writes 5 Untapped Sources of Keyword Ideas for Search Engine People.

7. Linda Dessau writes How to Create a Business Blogging Plan for Social Media Examiner.

8. Jayson DeMers writes How to Audit Your SEO & PPC Agency or Consultant for Search Engine Watch.

9. Heather Lloyd-Martin writes 20 Copywriting Blind Spots All Web Writers Should Avoid – SEO Copywriting for SEO Copywriting.

10. Henneke Duistermaat writes How to Rev Up Your Business Growth (Without Going Crazy) for Enchanting Marketing.

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Photo thanks to Mo Riza (Keys, we can make.)

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