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In honor and celebration of the U.S. Labor Day holiday, we’re giving our labors a rest and forgoing the usual SEO copywriting video post.

Instead we would like to ask you, freelance copywriters: Were you able to give your labors a rest today? Yesterday? Were you able to enjoy a work-free holiday weekend at all? Or any weekend? When was the last time you were able to go off for awhile, anywhere, and leave your laptop behind?

And…feel okay about it?

In the spirit of claiming freedom from laboring overmuch for too little money for too much time, we decided to acknowledge this Labor Day by sharing a few of our “liberating” posts with you! Our hope is that this Labor Day edition of “a slice of Heather” inspires you to move from merely surviving to thriving in your freelance copywriting career  – enjoy!


Does your online copywriting business own you?

“My confession: Whenever I read one of those headlines that scream, ‘Imagine the freedom you’ll have being your own boss,’ I laugh.

Why? Because I know how easy it is to go from, ‘Hey, I can work from anywhere,’ to ‘Hey, I have to bring my laptop wherever I go.’

In other words, how quickly it can go from ‘owning a business’ to ‘the business owning you.’ “[Including working weekends and holidays!]…


What’s your freelance writing manifesto?

“What’s important to your freelance writing life?

“I was thinking about all the ‘rules’ I live by as a freelance writer – most of them learned the hard way.  I started surfing around, and I found this post by Carol Tice outlining her freelance writing manifesto.

‘Great idea,’ I thought. ‘I need to do that too.’

So, here you go – my 15-point freelance writer manifesto. How many of these points resonate with you?”…


What’s holding you back?

“Who knew that my post, “Why do freelance writers hate SEO copywriting” would stir up so many comments?

After the post, I received a bunch of emails and blog comments like this one:

I like being able to work from home, but I really do despise the articles that I write. I would run away from these articles as quickly as possible if I had a client willing to pay a decent wage for excellent content.

Unfortunately, I cannot find these clients. To be honest, I don’t really know where to look because the only thing I find are the companies wanting quantity and care very little about quality.

Ugh. This writer is obviously in misery. Writing bad copy for low wages can’t be fun – at all.

But here’s the deal: If you’re in an uncomfortable situation, the only person holding you back is you.” …


6 freelance copywriting success tips

“Are you feeling ‘stuck’ in your copywriting career?

Maybe you’ve been in business for awhile, but you can’t seem to find high-paying, quality clients. Maybe you’ve gotten burned by a bad contract that meant you had to revise a page six times before the client finally signed off.

Or maybe, you’re wanting to make the jump into the freelance writer’s life…but you’ve been afraid to start.

Here are six tips the experts in my Turn Content Into Cash Copywriting Business Bootcamp recommend. Implementing just one of them can launch (or turn around) your business in no time.” …

Thanks for checking in with us today! Tomorrow we pick up the “usual” flow of great content for you with a fantastic guest post by an expert in the field! Stay tuned!


photo thanks to Leo Reynolds (LEOL30)

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