High Five: The 5 Best SEO Copywriting Video How-To’s

Greetings and welcome back! Today we’re featuring Heather’s five best SEO copywriting video how-to’s, as voted by popularity with both SEO Copywriting’s YouTube subscribers and Monday blog post readers.

From content strategies for Google’s Penguin update to how to make money as an SEO copywriter, enjoy these 5 all-time SEO copywriting video greats!

1) SEO content strategies for Google’s Penguin update

While Google’s Penguin update is targeted towards outright webspam (and suspect linking profiles), like it’s cute, black-and-white animal predecessor the Panda, it still has many site owners frozen in their tracks. Take a deep breath and join Heather as she explains why you’ve nothing to fear from the big bad Penguin, and how you can move forward with specific SEO content strategies!

2) Is your SEO copywriting any good? 3 tell-tale tests

Whether you hired an SEO copywriter or are doing it yourself, you may not be sure how to gauge the quality and effectiveness of your SEO copy.  Join Heather as she outlines three tests to tell if your SEO copywriting is any good, focusing on what you need to watch out for.

3) How to write for Google’s over-optimization penalty

Heather addresses a collective, anxious concern about writing SEO copy given Google’s latest Panda slap, the “over-optimization” penalty:  Help! Is my Web content over-optimizedWhile it is true that Google has made a lot of changes and is cracking down on content, the upshot is: don’t freak out! It will be okay, if you follow the three basic guidelines laid out for you in today’s SEO copywriting video post.

4) How to make money as an SEO copywriter

You have the three crucial skills to be a successful SEO copywriter and have studied the several disciplines that make up the field (or at least, have made a beginning towards building your knowledge in these areas), so of course you want to get a handle on your own expected ROI of considerable time, effort, and resources! Here, Heather discusses the many varied ways you can make money as an SEO copywriter, with its multiple niche markets!

5) How to write SEO titles that get the click

“In my experience, pipes have been added to define SEO keywords in the search engine results…can you explain what is the preferred way of writing general SEO Titles – with or without pipes? What produces the best results in terms of consumer search behavior?” An excellent question! Beginning with an explanation of “pipes,” Heather discusses how to capture clicks with unique, optimized webpage Titles.

photo thanks to exfordy (Brian Snelson)

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