Need to Improve Your Conversion Rate? Jump on the Bandwagon!

If you want to increase the success of your website, converting more customers is the name of the game.

In today’s SEO copywriting how-to, Heather discusses a simple, but often overlooked, technique to convince visitors they should go the distance and buy what you are selling. Check it here:

What is the Bandwagon Technique?

It’s the suggestion that other people have or do something and … you should too! It appeals to our sense of wanting to be part of the “in crowd.” The technique is based on the term “jumping on the bandwagon.”

Examples of this include: McDonald’s – Over 60 billion served … wow, that’s a lot of people. There must be something about McDonald’s … so maybe I should give it a try. Pepsi – The ad uses a model who is young, attractive and happy … I want to be young, attractive and happy … so I should drink Pepsi too.

Why uniqueness matters.

The primary reason sites fail to leverage the bandwagon technique properly is that the copy is written in an effort to appeal to EVERYONE. When that happens, the copy clunks and doesn’t have much conversion power. For the bandwagon approach to work effectively, people want to feel special and unique.

Does your copy fall into this category? Does your copy use words like “everyone” and “everybody?” If so, it’s likely your copy is missing the mark. The good news is there is an easy way to fix it!

  • Use numbers – if you know 20,000 people in your target market use your product … say it!
  • Has your company won an award or received special recognition? If so, third party acknowledgement of your company gives serious credibility to the notion that “others are doing/using this … maybe I should check it out too.”

By modifying your copy to appeal to your target market, you will make more effective use of the bandwagon technique and convert more of your visitors.

Thanks for tuning into this week’s SEO copywriting how-to! As always, if you have any questions, comments, or an idea for the next video post, please let me know! Contact me, or find me on Twitter @heatherlloyd!

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photo thanks to srqpix (Clyde Robinson)

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  1. Lui B. (The CopySparker) says:

    Thanks for this wonderful post. I first encountered bandwagon technique through Copyblogger’s squeeze page. The headline says something like “Join 100,000+ subscribers”. I didn’t know back then why I instantly signed-up to their newsletter but thanks for giving it a name. Now I know that bandwagon technique really works, I won’t think twice to try it on my sales pages.


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