Rock Conversions with These Proven & Powerful Copywriting Strategies!

Welcome back! Today we’re featuring another collection of SEO Copywriting’s video how-to’s, all to do with specific techniques you can readily use in your Web writing to boost conversions.

After all, at the end of the day it is how well your Web content converts that counts! Ever mindful of just that, Heather devoted a series of her YouTube SEO copywriting tutorials to those strategies that make your prospects say Yes!

Edify, enjoy, and prosper!

1. Boost your conversions with “power words”

Heather takes it back to “old school” copywriting in this video, discussing how to boost your conversions with “power words.”

Back in the day – before SEO copywriting, even before Web writing – copywriters focused on adding “power words” to their content, such as their direct sales letters, to improve conversions. It’s a tried and true strategy that’s been used by copywriters for many, many years.

Tune in as Heather explains what power words are, how they work, and how you can use them to strengthen your copy with their conversions-driving mojo!


2. Are you harnessing the power of “you”?

Here, Heather expands on her “power words” vlog (above) with a how-to on harnessing the power of that magical customer-centric word: you.”

You. Such a seemingly simple word packs an incredible punch, as it centers your web copy around them. Coupled with customer-oriented web content, using “you” in your copy is a proven strategy for engaging the prospect and improving conversions!

Learn how to make your Web copy rock with the word “you” and customer-oriented messages.


3. How to use “free” to boost conversions

With this last video of her power words video blog series, Heather addresses how to capture the power of the word “free.” (Bet your eyes just snapped on the word already!)

Like the word “you,” “free” is a very powerful power word – and yet it is one that many copywriters fail to use correctly.

So… how can you fail to correctly leverage that sexy power word, “free”? As easily as you fail to let your readers fail to understand the real value of it.

Tune in as Heather discusses how to use that mighty power word, “free,” so that it both conveys value to your readers and helps increase your conversion rates!


4. How to write sales copy that turns your readers on

As a natural follow-up to the 3-part power words series, this post was inspired by neuromarketing expert Roger Dooley’s recent SEO Copywriting Certification presentation. Here, Heather gets into how to write sales copy that turns your readers on…meaning, your readers’ brains.

If you write sales copy or landing page content, or if you work with copywriters, then you’ll definitely want to tune in and learn how to write sales copy that turns on your prospects’ brains and sparks conversions, by using “…vivid, sensory, emotional adjectives to engage the brain.” (– Roger Dooley)

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