SEO Content Marketing Roundup, Week Ending November 30th, 2011

The proverbial fridge full of yummy Thanksgiving leftovers feed this week’s Web writing news: Black Friday and Cyber Monday stats highlight content marketing discussions, SEO and search professionals talk analytics, while social media marketers buzz about Facebook and blogging. Substantive food for thought and delicious resources for the smart marketer await you…enjoy! And please pass the salt, but hold the pepper… spray!

Content Marketing

Retail Online Integration (ROI) reports on Cyber Monday’s sales surge.

And now video content marketing’s “holy grail”? Jeff Bullas discusses the four key elements for a viral video at his blog.

A helpful post on copyright fair use and how it works for online images is at Social Media Examiner.

Seth Godin posts “Please consider Weird” in discussing his new book, We Are All Weird.

Content Marketing experts (21 of them) share those things they wish they had known when they got started at Content Marketing Institute.

Susan Misukanis posts five content marketing tips to inspire prospects to convert (via a turkey wishbone analogy) at Top Rank.

Magdalena Georgieva shares five ways to re-package your existing content during this busy holiday season at HubSpot.

Tom Pisello posts four ways to optimize content for the economy-focused buyer in 2012 at Content Marketing Institute.

Also at CMI: some 42 content marketing commandments for inspiration and focus in 2012.

SEO & Search

Josh McCoy goes  “Beyond SEO: Retaining the Visitor” at Search Engine Watch.

An “under-the-hood” peek at Google is presented via infographic at Search Engine Journal.

George Aspland posts part 2 of his series on organic SEO, with a how-to on prioritizing keywords based on your (organic) competition, at Search Engine Land.

Bill Slawski takes on the subject of being trusted by Google at SEO by the Sea.

Seth Godin posts a great read on surviving Google (“When Google comes calling…”) at his blog.

Justin Briggs reports that Google’s been building an implicit social graph that influences rankings at SEOmoz.

Four critical ways that Google+ is changing search are discussed at HubSpot.

Kristi Hines posts what Google Analytics is hiding from you at KISSmetrics.

“SEOnomics” (A New Way of Thinking About SEO for Business) is posted at Search Engine Land.

Glenn Gabe gives two examples (case studies) of how one line of messed up code could kill your SEO at Search Engine Journal.

SEO for images is addressed at Search Marketing Sage.

Aaron Wall discusses the “Walmartization” of the Web (literally)”  at SEOBook.

Following up on his post on human evaluators, Bill Slawski posts how automated evaluations might determine Google search rankings at SEO by the Sea.

Rick DeJarnette posts that while manual link-building is difficult, there are no shortcuts to value – at Search Engine Land.

Rand Fishkin’s “Whiteboard Friday” presentation concerns using emails to build links, at SEOmoz.

Search Engine Watch reports the latest data on the impact of Google’s  SSL encryption of data, now down to about 9-percent of search traffic.

So which is better for SEO: user-centered or usage-centered design? Posted by Shari Thurow at Search Engine Land.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook’s revamp of its Insights headlines Social Media Examiner’s weekly news.

Why your small biz ‘s G+ efforts must be unique and visual: Smart read by Shira Lazar at Entrepreneur.

Five “awesome” examples of engaging social media campaigns are posted at HubSpot.

Lee Odden discusses the “dynamic duo” of SEO and social media for business blogging at Top Rank.

eMarketer discusses how blogs influence purchases and brand recommendations.

HubSpot shares 11 safeguards to prevent business blogging embarrassment.

Four strategies for engaging Facebook fans (no matter how “unsexy” your brand may be) are discussed at KISSmetrics.

Facebook lists the most-shared media articles on its platform in 2011.

Speaking of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg’s latest concession to privacy gaffes is posted at the Facebook blog.

Michael Stelzner interviews Jesse Stay on his new book, “Google+ for Dummies,” at Social Media Examiner.

More dummies: Donna Gilliland reviews the new (9-books-in-one) book, “Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies,” also at SME.

So does your company still not get social media? at Sexy Social Media.

Four simple steps to an optimized Twitter presence are delineated at HubSpot, as well as seven reasons why you’re not generating leads from social media.

Chris Brogan shares an intro/retrospective on how he found his focus

iMedia Connection posts the ambitious “How to be a rock star on 8 social media platforms.”

And finally, Heidi Cohen posts “5 Don Draper Mad Men Quotes That Still Resonate Today.”

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