SEO Content Marketing Roundup, Week Ending September 29th, 2010

This week’s web writing news is a mixed bag of can’t-miss reading. From advice to those taking on a new SEO client (funny!) to the dangers of overdoing SEO (really!), it’s all good stuff.

Here’s the latest and greatest:

What do you mean, “Engaging Content”? We all hear it, time and again: Mesmerize your readers with “engaging content.” But, how do you rivet your reader with “engaging content” if you’re not so sure what the heck “engaging content” means? Check out this post and discover a collective answer!

And really, what the heck is “Page Rank” about? Does math melt your brain? For the metaphorically minded, PageRank is (clearly) explained with cartoons and humor. Great read from Conversation Marketing.

Is it possible to overdo SEO? Yes, you can over-optimize your site. This SEOMoz post is an absolute must-read for anyone serious about their own SEO efforts!

Taking on a new SEO client? From Search Engine Journal, some great advice and a great graphic.  Hint:  Set realistic expectations from the get-go.

No Way! 35 Ways? No, I’m not talking about how many ways you can leave your lover (everyone knows that there are at least 50 ways to do that.) Good article by Junta 42 outlining 35 different blog marketing tactics. Recommended reading whether you’re a newbie blogger or a seasoned professional.

Last but not least…do you think that Google Instant reversed the polarity of the SEO world? Take the poll to weigh in on whether Instant has changed your SEO efforts at SEO Roundtable!  (Last check: no, not really!)

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