SEO content over the top? How to tell & fix it!

Over-optimized content happens to even the most experienced of SEO copywriters.

In today’s SEO copywriting how-to, Heather discusses her all-time favorite online writing tip, which is… the easiest possible way to make sure that you’re not over-optimizing your Web content…and how to fix it if you have!

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Afraid of over-optimizing your content?

  • It’s easy for new writers (or even experienced ones) to push the optimization envelope and accidentally create spammy copy.

I still see over-optimized content out there, especially with new writers who are not quite used to putting keyphases into copy – it’s very easy to add too many!

I also see experienced SEO copywriters lapse into heavy-handed optimization. It well may be they’re just tired and have been churning out a lot of content, and they accidentally add too many keyphrases in their copy. It happens, but…

The end result is the same.  Over-optimized content, which…

–      Throws off the conversion flow of the Web content

–      Makes the copy “sound”/read spammy

–      Is not good for Google

–      And it’s definitely not good for readers!


The easy-breezy secret?

To avoid over-optimizing your content:

  • After you’re done writing, print out the document and read it out loud. Don’t do it in your head. Actually read it out loud.
  • You will instantly hear if your text is too keyphrase-stuffed, and you can easily start deleting some words.
  • Another option – replace them with synonyms.


I recently addressed using synonyms in your keyphrase vocabulary in the SEO copywriting video post, “Keyphrases: why synonyms are your friends.”

By using keyphrase synonyms in your optimization, you’re including different words that help your copy flow more naturally. Additionally, including synonyms is a smart SEO content optimization step.

It’s a win-win for everyone!

Thanks for tuning into this week’s SEO copywriting how-to! As always, if you have any questions, comments, or an idea for the next video post, please let me know! Email me via, or find me on Twitter @heatherlloyd!


photo thanks to Dreaming in the deep south (Beth Scupham)


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  1. Walt Goshert says:

    Hey Heather,

    Good simple tips… now if I could get clients stuck in the Google world of three years ago to back off asking for increases of keywords in the edits. Usually new clients that don’t know what they don’t know.


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