5 Beginner SEO Writing Tips to Try

Pre-launch Site Success:Video Roundup:031813Today we feature five of Heather’s SEO copywriting video how-to’s that address web content planning and strategies which tend to get overlooked – at the cost of traffic and conversions.

From defining your unique selling proposition (U.S.P.) and a customer persona to creating clickable web page titles and resonant tone and feel, discover all that goes into a successful website launch…before the launch!

Site Launch Considerations3 things to consider before a site launch

So you’ve a sexy web design and beautifully written content – you’re good to go, right? Wrong. Find out what’s missing from this picture – three critical elements, in fact – that will make all the difference between whether your site launch succeeds or flops. (Besides what the other videos listed here address).


So what defines you? Creating an irresistible U.S.P.What's Your U.S.P.?

What distinguishes you from your competition? What makes you unique? Learn what makes for an effective unique selling proposition (U.S.P.) that will appeal to prospective customers and set you apart from the rest.


Customer Persona How ToHow to create a customer persona

Just as you need to define who you are by means of a U.S.P., you need to define who your target customer is by creating a customer persona. Listen in as Heather gives examples of customer personas, and discusses how to fine-tune yours so your web content attracts, keeps, and converts!

How to resonate

How to resonate with your readers through web page “tone and feel

Now you’ve created a customer persona, you need to “speak” to him or her through your web pages’ “voice” – meaning, your site’s tone and feel. Does your web writing resonate with your target audience? Or is it generic – or worse, discordant? Learn how to tweak your web content for reader connection and conversion.


Clickable SEO Page Titles

How to write SEO Titles that get the click: 3 tips

The search engine results page is your first conversions opportunity. In answering a reader question about the use of “pipes” in webpage Titles, Heather first explains what “pipes” are, then goes on to discuss preferable, smarter SEO and conversion strategies for creating Titles that will lure the “click” on the search engine results page.


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