SEO content marketing roundup, week ending June 20th

Happy Solstice!  Internet marketers must have been logging in extra hours with the longer daylight hours, as prolific as the content was in this week’s Web-writing news (paring it down was tough)! Content marketers talk strategies and mediums, SEO & search pro’s discuss Bing’s May/”Phoenix” updates and share Panda/Penguin horror stories, while social media marketers take note of Facebook’s mobile advertising click-through rates and explore social media tools. The day is long(er) – take a break and enjoy this week’s selections!

Content Marketing

From her presentation at Interactive Day, San Diego, Shelly Bowen shares “Building the Case for Content Strategy” at Pybop.

A 3-part video series by Heather Lloyd-Martin on content creation strategies from “masters” in literature, television, and psychology is featured at SEO Copywriting.

Pamela Muldoon interviews Scott (“The Content Wrangler”) Abel on how to avoid the “content marketing strategy trap” at Content Marketing Institute.

Daniel Tynski discusses how context influences content marketing with “Why Your Content Marketing Efforts Might Be Worthless,” at Blue Glass.

Seth Godin delineates “Seven marketing sins” (“human failings”) and posts a video of his advice to entrepreneurs at his blog.

In comparing digital vs. television marketing for “consumer packaged goods” (i.e., soap), Jack Neff posts “The Truth About What Works in Digital Marketing” at Advertising Age.

Inbound? Outbound? Marketing Sherpa’s research chart of the week is about choosing your marketing channels wisely, by Jen Doyle.

Level 343’s Jahnelle Pittman discusses the aware, technologically savvy consumer with “Online, Digital Marketing: Power Hungry ‘Techsumers’ Go Ape on Apps.”

Multinational companies’ poor usability performance with localized country sites is assessed by Jakob Nieslen with “Why Country Sites Are So Bad” (Jakob Nielsen’s Alertbox).

Hannah Smith discusses “Companies in ‘Boring’ Niches Creating Great Content,” with great examples, at SEOmoz.

Citing comScore Video Metrix data, Greg Jarboe reports that “180 million U.S. Internet users watched nearly 36.6 billion online content videos in May 2012,” with video ad views growing “about 117-percent” over the year. At Search Engine Watch.

Oli Gardner posts the first of a five-day “deep dive” into infographics with “The Ultimate Guide to Marketing with Infographics,” at Unbounce.

Allyson Galle posts “How to Breathe New Life Into Your Marketing With Visual Content” at HubSpot.

Marcus Sheridan posts 4 ways to create business blogging content that sells (through teaching) at Social Media Examiner.

Nick Stamoulis discusses the enduring value of the business blog for content marketing, branding, and client cultivation with “Beyond SEO: The content marketing power of the blog,” at SEO Copywriting.


SEO & Search

Matt McGee reports on the three major Bing (“May”) search updates at Search Engine Land.

Eric Enge interviews Bing’s Duane Forrester on the search engine’s “Phoenix” update to its webmaster tools, with great details shared, at Stone Temple.

Ryan L. Cox discusses “How the Bing/Qwiki Partnership Is Changing Search” at V3 Integrated Marketing.

Danny Sullivan live blogs “the Microsoft mystery event,” in which the company announces its own branded tablet, Microsoft Surface, at Marketing Land.

Discussing reports that Facebook is working on improving its “search functionality,” Nathan Safran pens “Search vs. Social: The 50 Shades of Gray in Online Information Retrieval,” at Search Engine Watch.

Rand Fishkin interviews Danny Sullivan at length in a “whiteboard Friday-ish” post at SEOmoz.

Citing data from Google’s online security blog, Barry Schwartz highlights the search giant’s updates on malware and hacked sites with “Google: 12 to 14 Million Searches Per Day Returned Hacked Sites,” at Search Engine Land.

Referencing the Ars Technica’s post, “How Google and Microsoft taught search to ‘understand’ the Web,” Bill Slawski discusses how search engines are “recognizing” entities with “Search Engines and Entities” at SEO by the Sea.

Razvan Gavrilas shares the story of a wedding site that was hit hard by Google’s Penguin due to an outsourced (and shady) link-building strategy at Search Engine Watch.

Glenn Gabe shares his experience working with a clean, legitimate B2B company that was “hammered” by the Panda with “6 Months with Panda: A Story of Complacency, Hard Decisions, and Recovery” at Search Engine Journal.

Heather Lloyd-Martin’s collection of posts on SEO client relations is featured with “The SEO copywriter’s guide to dealing with clients,” at SEO Copywriting.

Chris Sherman reports on ICANN’s new, generic dot.anything top-level internet domain intiative and who is bidding on what with “Dot-Bubble: ICANN Reveals New Top-level Internet Domain Applications,” at Marketing Land.

Nathan Safran discusses “The Forgotten SEO Strategy: Targeting Striking Distance Keywords,” at Search Engine Land.

Sujan Patel shares “55 SEO Productivity Tools We Use at Single Grain,” at Search Engine Journal.

Sean Si of SEO Hacker discusses the different types of SEO “talents,” and “How to Identify Yours.”


Social Media Marketing

“Facebook Integrates With WordPress” headlines Social Media Examiner’s weekly news.

Gabriella Sannino emphasizes the importance of consistent branding across the internet and social media landscape with “Marketing By the Numbers: Your Brand is Calling,” at Level 343.

Citing new data, Pamela Vaughan reports that within the past two weeks, strictly mobile Facebook ads have generated 13 times more clicks than all of its desktop ads, at HubSpot.

Chris Brogan posts “Plan for a Mobile First World” at his blog.

Brian Solis posts “Facebook Takes Action, Introduces Action Links to the Open Graph.”

Lessons from the big boys: Todd Wasserman posts “How Big Brands Create Social Media Campaigns” at Mashable.

Nan Dawkins posts the highly informative “Fifty Shades Of Social Media Measurement Tools” at Marketing Land.

Meghan Keaney Anderson discusses “Why You’re Struggling to Measure the Value of Social Media” at HubSpot.

So “which social media site is best for SEO?” Shaan Haider answers the question with a truly informative infographic at Geeky Stuffs.

Jeff Bullas shares “5 Google+ Insights, Resources and Tips for Business – Plus Infographic” at his blog.

Mark Sullivan discusses “Why Google+ Can Still Beat Facebook” at PC World.

Bryden McGrath discusses the Twitter tool, InboxQ, with “InboxQ: Spread Your Twitter Authority Like Butter” at Portent.

Jeff Bullas discusses the tool Buffer, with “How A Strategic Marketer Uses the Buffer Social Media Sharing Tool.”

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