Drive site traffic & social shares with email newsletters

Greetings! Last week, Heather discussed the many advantages of email newsletters for content marketing, even over and above your blog .

Today, she picks up on the discussion, addressing yet another advantage of email newsletters: how they can increase social shares.

Tune in to learn more about the social-sharing power of email newsletters….

This is so simple…and powerful, too.

  • Rather than include the entire article, include a snippet with a link back to your site…

To demonstrate how easy (and powerful) an email newsletter is, I’m using this example from Marketing Profs Today. (And if you’re not already a subscriber, I definitely recommend signing up!)

The trick is, when you send out your email newsletter, rather than re-printing an entire blog post or article that is already on your site, all you need to do is just reprint a little snippet of it. So, in this example, you see that they have a headline, and then a little snippet of the article with “Read More”.

Drive site traffic and see more shares, too!

Once you go to the site and you’re reading the article, look on the left hand side: there’s all these different ways that you can share the content.

This is not only great for your new content, such as a blog post or an article that you just released, but it’s also a way to bring life back to older content that is still relevant, but it’s no longer getting any social media traction because you wrote it so long ago.

So definitely try implementing this snippet strategy with your newsletter, because you will see an increase in social shares as soon as your newsletter goes out – it can be that instantaneous and the powerful!

Thank for joining me for this week’s video how-to! If you have any questions or suggestions for a blog topic, please let me know: email, or tweet @heatherlloyd!

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Thanks again, and have a fantastic week!

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