Public Relations: Are You Leveraging This Buzz Builder?

Guest Author, Melanie Rembrandt

You spent hours researching, writing and optimizing your site for the search engines, and it’s finally up and running.

Phew!  That’s finished, and you can sit back and relax.

Not so fast…

As many of you know, this is just one piece of your overall marketing strategy, and your work has just begun.

Now, you need to monitor and track clicks, offer new and valuable content on a regular basis, communicate with customers via e-mail, social media and direct mail, and update the site for the best results.

In addition, you may be missing one valuable tool that can help you build buzz fast…

Are You Taking Advantage of Public Relations?

That’s right.  Public Relations (PR) is all about communicating a specific message about your products and services to a targeted market, especially the media.

Basically, if a reporter writes a feature story about your business, your site traffic increases. Plus, this media clip provides third-party credibility you cannot purchase through advertising.

And the good news is that you can generate some great media attention without spending any money.  It just takes time and effort… so to help you get started, here are:

Three Steps to Get Media Attention Now  (even if you’ve never done PR before)

1. Research

First, find the name and contact information for a reporter at a local newspaper who covers your industry. You can also look for the managing editor at a small, niche magazine who may be interested in your expertise.

Read their archived articles and search for future stories in the online editorial calendar.

2. Prepare

Next, figure out the benefits you have to offer that specific media member. For example, you can:

  • Provide information as an expert resource for future stories.
  • Write an opinion-piece about a recent article or news item.
  • Give your insights about a hot, current trend or community event.

Make a list of the valuable information you have to offer that applies to each media member’s audience.

Ask yourself: What would you want to hear if you were that reporter or editor?

Next, write notes about what you will say, and practice your pitch.

3. Contact

When you are ready, call the reporter or editor directly.  Introduce yourself, and give your pitch.

Today, many local publications work with tight budgets. This means that they may be happy to receive some free writing assistance and content from a local expert. However, if there is no interest, thank them for their time and start the entire process again with other media members.

Yes, this can be a lot of work, but it is worth it.

After all, even if the reporters and editors don’t want to write about your business immediately, at least they know who you are and what you have to offer. They will probably be more open to your future pitches too.

And who knows?

One of these editors or reporters may give their approval right away, and you’ll see your story in the local paper within a week!

Optimize Site Traffic with PR

You have worked diligently to launch your new site: Why not take advantage of every opportunity available to build buzz… especially if it’s cost-effective?

By reaching out to the media and adding PR activities to your marketing plan, you can significantly increase site traffic, boost word-of-mouth and gain third-party credibility you cannot obtain any other way.

Melanie Rembrandt is a 20-year veteran publicist, SEO copywriter, speaker, and author of Simple Publicity and Secrets of Becoming a Publicist. She is also the CEO of Rembrandt Communications.

2 replies
  1. Matt says:

    As a child of the digital age, PR is something I still struggle with today. In fact I work in internet marketing but if needed, call upon PR people to help and sometimes outsource work to. It obviously differs from online marketing but it still related, there is still a divide; I think both can learn from each other.

  2. Melanie Rembrandt says:

    Hi Matt,

    Thanks for your comments.

    PR and marketing people definitely need to work together. The important thing is to communicate and know what your goals are and how things are going.

    Many people hire PR professionals who guarantee placements, and that is almost impossible. That’s one of the reasons I wrote “Simple Publicity.” I want business owners to get the most out of PR without spending a lot of money, or getting ripped off!

    All the best,


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