SEO content marketing roundup, week ending March 2nd

And the winner is…(and the losers are…?)  As with any big change, whether in politics or on the web, there are winners and losers on either side of the equation.  This week’s latest and greatest web-writing news centers on the newest (and apparently devastating yet ineffective) Google tweak (“Farmers Update”) of its quality-seeking algorithm, as the fallout is scrutinized and analyzed by SEO and SEM thinkers.  Meanwhile, Facebook gains momentum and its own lofty influence in advertising dollars (sans Google’s cooperation), while content marketers focus on business blogging and mobile marketing.

Enjoy and share – there is definitely something for everyone here in this week’s SEO content marketing roundup!

Content Marketing:

Beginning at the beginning, Joe Pulizzi addresses the ABC’s of Content Marketing in a fun, informative A to Z post, inviting readers to weigh in with their own lexical suggestions.

The Web Success Diva speaks to the value of a “green-oriented” strategic content marketing plan for your business.  A truly awesome read!

Brands that have mastered content marketing are featured at iMedia Connection, noting Kodak and Hubspot.

Speaking of Hubspot, David Meerman Scott’s latest Hubspot “Marketing Cast” video post addresses how to keep up with the competition while not obsessing about them.

Content Marketing Institute posts a very smart read, listing a dozen solid reasons to keep blogs at the center of your content marketing strategy.

Tradesmen Insights shows stats and cites industry experts indicating that content marketing is critical for social media success, as a 2011 trend.

eMarketer posts its own stats showing that social media is not killing email, while Jay Baer posts a brief case study showing how using a social FAQ can kick-start your content marketing at Convince and Convert

Lee Odden posts the seven key elements to a successful business blog at Top Rank, and Jim Connolly’s Marketing blog advises SMB’s to think first before using WordPress as their business blogging platform.

So how do you go about creating compelling blog content for your business?  This video interview with Chris Garrett speaks to just that at Social Media Examiner.

Marc Pickren posts why creating content for the right audience is the ultimate marketing technique at his blog (Marc 2 Market), while Nick Usborne warns against dead-end content at his Web Content Café.

Going mobile?  How to design and develop your site for mobile marketing is the subject of this iMedia Connection article, while Hubspot discusses preparing your business for “the mobile browsing takeover.”

Copyblogger discusses mobile publishing, introducing the social integration and radical transformation of media publishing by the entrepreneurs of On Swipe.

The psychological take on content marketing:  Neuromarketing posts how to beat “border bias,” and Susan Weinschenk, Ph.D. (a.k.a. “The Brain Lady”) reveals seven universal emotions at What Makes Them Click.

Finally, what is the one question to ask when building customer engagement (and hence your marketing strategy)?  Watch this video of Joe Pulizzi (“What keeps your customers up at night?”) posted at Open View Labs.

SEO & Search:

It started with Google’s latest algo change posted on its official blog  February 24th (a.k.a. the “Farmers Update,” coined by Danny Sullivan in reference to content farms) stating that it is seeking to reward quality sites and discourage the trash, and the stuff’s been hitting the fan ever since:

Search Engine Land’s Danny Sullivan wrote one of the more immediate and authoritative posts explaining the change, having interviewed Google sources (and baptizing it the “Farmers Update”).

A second insightful post about the Farmers Update followed at Search Engine Roundtable, penned by Barry Schwartz.

David Harry smartly weighed in at Search News Central, noting that the Big G’s changes seem to be directed more at thin content, rather than content farms.

SEO Book’s Aaron Wall posted a provocative article that examines the economics driving it all.  (Highly recommend this read, as it reads between the lines and behind the headlines).

Sistrix posted a list of the 25 biggest “losers” resulting from Google’s housecleaning efforts, and in a public Google document, Sistrix also lists its number-crunching spreadsheet showing the biggest winners of the Farmer Update.

Citing the Sistrix data, Danny Sullivan posted “Who Lost in Google’s Farmer Algorithm Change” at Search Engine Land, while Search Engine Roundtable posted a “support group” for those webmasters/sites unfairly suffering collateral damage by the Farmer Update.

Of those hit hard by the Farmer Update are EZine Articles (its own blog) and Mahalo (via Mashable).

Citing posts at Search News Central, Search Engine Journal, and Outspoken Media, Alan Bleiweiss discusses why the SEO industry “needs to grow a pair” at Search Marketing Wisdom.

Onto less dramatic, but nonetheless notable, SEO & Search News:

Gabriella Sannino (of Level 343) posted two great reads, one sharing actionable tips on how to build your online business (and keep it alive) at Search Engine Journal, and the other sharing “old-school” blogging tips via community link-building at Search News Central.

Speaking of Level 343, a great (guest) post to check out is “Identifying the Main Objective of Your SEO Campaign.”

Jon Rognerud shares time-saving tips for cutting 18 labor-intensive hours off your keyword research, and Michael Gray talks keyword density and preparing for the death of the RSS feed at Wolf Howl.

Bruce Clay has released his 2011 report on SEO ranking factors, trends and search marketing predictions, and the five-star staff of SERPd invites you to meet them.

And wrapping it up with some honorable mentions (links only):

eMarketer: Bing is Not Making a Dent in Google’s Share of Search Revenues

Search Engine Land:  Yelp: Google Told Us Our Way or the Highway

Digital Space Consulting:  Five Ways to Optimize for Local Search

Six Revisions:  Anatomy of an Effective Product Page Design

Search Engine Watch:  Google: New Navigation Bar is for Your Privacy

Search Engine People:  Three Tips to Avoid Duplicate Content

Search Engine Journal:  Google Encourages Nuanced Approach to No-Follows

Search Engine Land:  Eight Necessary SEO Steps During a Website Redesign

P.S.  Don’t forget to register for SES New York (March 21st – 25th) by this Friday (March 4th) for early bird rates.  And there’s still time to register for SMX San Jose (March 8th -10th).

Social Media Marketing:

So it’s a date: The union of search and social is becoming a recognized, bottom-line reality, as evidenced by a report from Information Week, and duly noted by Social Media Examiner’s news headline on Google getting social.

From Search Engine Land: citing Facebook advertising guidelines, Google doesn’t sign up as a Facebook ad provider, and that’s got Facebook advertisers grumbling…

However, eMarketer forecasts Facebook will surpass Yahoo! in display ad revenues this year.  And speaking of Yahoo, its “Mybloglog” platform will be no more come May as reported by Mashable.

Citing another set of eMarketer stat’s, Website Magazine posts “So Long Twitter, Hello Facebook.”

Kristi Hines pens a smart post for bloggers on using the power of LinkedIn for personal brand-building, authority, and traffic.

Problogger (guest) posts a how-to on branding your blog’s YouTube channel, Squidoo posts a great how-to on using Twitter for business, and a most excellent read on social media marketing strategies for small businesses is at Grow Map.

The top marketing book authors on Twitter – 70 of them — are posted at Social Media Marketing Magazine.

Brian Solis was busy, posting “Behaviorgraphics: Discovering the Me in Social Media,” reporting from last fall’s PivotCon on how brands are pursuing the social consumer, and sharing his perspective on the state and future of social media via video interview while in Geneva.

Into history without all the words?  John Soares of Productive Writers posts an infographic on the history of social media and social networking.

Facebook acquisitions: Mashable reports on Facebook’s acquisition of the group-messaging startup, Beluga, and Inside Facebook notes FB’s acquisition of two of the three founders of the start-up professional social network, Pursuit.

More Facebook:  Social Media Examiner posts what you need to know about Facebook Promotions, and Hubspot discusses Facebook’s own latest update of its comments platform to socialize blogs.

Finally, the last Facebook tidbit, from Mashable:  “Facebook Like Button Takes Over Share Button Functionality.”

Editor’s Note:  Egads!  Google, Facebook: you’re killing me! 😉

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  1. John Soares
    John Soares says:

    Laura, thanks so much for including one of my post in this roundup. I recognize many of the sites, but there are some I don’t know, and many of the article titles are intriguing.

    • Laura
      Laura says:

      Hi John! My pleasure 🙂 This weekly roundup is my own pet project that feeds my journalist’s hunger for sharing the most relevant information with my readers. I enjoy discovering and including folks worthy of mention, like you! Thank you 🙂

  2. Steve Hall
    Steve Hall says:

    Hi Laura
    This is a great roundup. Looks like a lot happened in the last week especially the algo change over at Google.
    Had already seen some of these posts but some of them I hadn’t caught up with, so thanks for bringing them to my attention

    • Laura
      Laura says:

      Hi Steve! Thanks so much for the feedback — it is truly appreciated! Yes, it was a busy week. Google keeps us all on our toes, and beyond that, there is so much great content out there to capture and share. It’s hard to decide what to include and what to cut; my editor’s woe! But my writer’s joy. Thanks again, Steve 🙂

    • Laura
      Laura says:

      Thanks Jim! As a voracious content consumer, I do enjoy pulling it all together — every Wednesday! Glad you enjoyed the roundup 🙂


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