How to Create an Irresistible U.S.P.

Greetings and welcome to the latest and greatest SEO copywriting tip, via video post from Heather.  Today’s discussion is on how to find and create your company’s unique selling proposition, or U.S.P.  If you’ve been following along with our weekly Monday posts (especially Features vs. Benefits and Transforming Features into Benefits), then you’ll readily see how creating a powerful U.S.P. is like creating one big benefit statement for your company.

Join Heather as she talks about what makes a successful U.S.P.  Here’s the digest of the essential points:

What’s Your U.S.P.?

When thinking about your U.S.P., ask yourself:  What do YOU offer that’s unique from your competitors?  What makes you so different?  This can be tricky.  Favorite examples of compelling U.S.P.’s are those found in informercials: they have U.S.P.’s down flat!

  • Jupiter Jack:  Turns your car radio into a hands free phone!
  • Perfect Brownie:  The best way to bake, slice and serve your favorite treats!

In both of these examples, you immediately know exactly what the product is, and what the benefit (U.S.P.) is – and it makes you think, “Wow! This could really help/benefit me!  I want to buy it and I want to buy it right now!”   While these particular examples are products, the same applies to services.

What Makes a Successful U.S.P.?

  • Your claim is unique:  the benefit is something that your competition either doesn’t offer, or can’t, or maybe doesn’t promote the same way that you do.  For example, Jupiter Jack:  Turns your car radio into a hands free phone!
  • Your U.S.P. implies a benefit that’s easily understood by your target audience:  this is really important and harkens back to transforming features into a powerful benefit statement.  You want to make sure your benefit resonates with your audience.  For example, Perfect Brownie:  The new non-stick way to make perfect brownies!
  • Your U.S.P. must be compelling: the reader thinks Wow! Great idea! I must check into this right now!
  • You want your U.S.P. on your home page:  it tells your prospect who/what your company is and why they should buy from you.


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