SEO content marketing roundup, week ending June 8th

Intriguing… Google, Bing and Yahoo are harmoniously collaborating on structured data via, Google’s +1 button has arrived, and Facebook now recognizes faces…these and other interesting new developments run throughout this week’s latest and greatest Web writing news, from content and social media marketing, SEO and search. Catch the newest twists and turns:

Content Marketing:

Lee Odden of Top Rank is introducing a new weekly series of posts on tactics for marketers to use, starting with the definition of content marketing.

Speaking of definitions, HubSpot posts what “blogging” actually means (via David Meerman Scott’s weekly video), as well as seven reasons why your blog isn’t growing.

Content Marketing Institute shares what’s working for their corporate blogging with five keys to motivate your employee bloggers, and posts three reasons your white paper is failing.

Outstanding brand blogs to check out are posted at iMedia Connection, while Copyblogger features a guest post by Michael Stelzner on growing your blog with the power of experts.

No matter your market, Ian Lurie (guest) posts why you need to create content with his trademark humor at SEO Copywriting, while six reasons why your content isn’t spreading as far as it should are at Search Engine Journal.

Men With Pens asks if your website looks like any other house on the street, and Brand Dignity posts eight differences between a brand and “just a website.”

Marketing Sherpa posts its weekly research chart, the best metrics for delivering marketing value to the C-Suite, and a case study of a website redesign with truly impressive results.

And speaking of websites, the word to webmasters from Google Retail (“your app is not mobile strategy”) is to build a mobile version of their websites already, via Search Engine Journal.

Creating more targeted conversion opportunities for lead generation is posted at HubSpot, as are three secrets to optimizing landing page copy.

Finally, five quotes for analytics success are posted at ClickZ.

SEO & Search:

Google, Bing and Yahoo each report that they have united in making search listings richer through structured data, or html tags, with the introduction of

Deciphering what all this means are posts at Search Engine Land, SEOmoz, and TechCrunch.

Apple’s launch of the iCloud is another newsy development: GigaOm post an interesting read on what powers the iCloud and HubSpot posts a marketer’s guide to the cloud.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ authorized biography (iSteve: The Book of Jobs) is not due to be released until March of next year, but it’s available for pre-order from Amazon and Apple’s iBookstore: details are at Mashable.

From Barry Schwartz at Search Engine Land: Google has announced via its blogs and at SMX Advanced (Seattle) that it will be incorporating search query data from its Webmaster tools with Google Analytics (now in a pilot program stage).

More news and notes from SMX AdvancedMatt McGee’s liveblog of the keynote exchange between Matt Cutts and Danny Sullivan is at Search Engine Land, while Lauren Litwinka shares comprehensive notes of the day’s highlights at aimClear.

Precious: a clever infographic of Matt Cutts’s Q & A webmaster videos is at Click2Rank.  Very funny!

SEOmoz has released its 2011 SEO ranking factors survey, further discussed by Matt McGee at Search Engine Land.

From the Panda perspective, Adam Audette posts an overview of major SEO factors at Search Engine Watch

Danny Sullivan has developed a remarkable, demystifying “periodic table of SEO ranking factors,” posted as a series at Search Engine Land.

Top Rank’s Lee Odden posts the three phases of Social Media SEO, and Search Engine Watch features a success story of connected search and social marketing (social being YouTube) by Greg Jarboe.

Meanwhile, Brian Massey pens “How Mark Zuckerberg Stole Your Search Traffic and What to Do About It” at Search Engine Land, and Ben Elowitz (guest) posts how Facebook can put Google out of business at TechCrunch.

Eric Ward (Search Engine Land) notes key problems with current social link graph signals.

Of those current social link graph signals is Google’s +1 button for virtually all web content, discussed by Matt McGee at Search Engine Land, and by Ian Lurie at Conversation Marketing.

Hugo Guzman explains how to sell link-building to someone that doesn’t know what it is, and Vertical Measures discusses content link-building (“are you a boring publisher?”)

Finally, Level 343 posts a great read: “What kind of SEO are YOU?”

Social Media Marketing:

Twitter and Facebook top social media news, with Twitter’s new follow button (noted by Social Media Examiner) and Facebook’s changing its privacy setting to enable facial recognition (reported at the New York Times).

“Groupon and the online deal revolution” is posted at eMarketer.

PostRank posts data indicating the most engaging of the top 100 social media blogs, while HubSpot reports data showing that Facebook dominates social sharing with 38-percent of shares on the web.

A list of the world’s 24 largest social networks is also at HubSpot.

The ultimate guide to Facebook marketing is posted at Copyblogger, and Entrepreneur posts a how-to on promoting your business blog with social media.

Guy Kawasaki posts an infographic showing the (40-year) history of social media at HolyKaw, and Brian Solis speaks to leadership in social media.

Search Engine Land posts five “truly creative” uses of social media, and SEOmoz shares eight tips for blogger outreach.

eMarketer reports that the benefits of social media marketing for small businesses rivals those of email marketing.

Finally, Social Media Examiner posts a how-to on using LinkedIn Today to find popular content, and six easy ways to reward your Twitter followers are posted at Open Forum.






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