Go Niche or Go Home! Today’s success path for freelance SEO copywriters

Focus on one niche for a success freelance SEO copywriting business.

Focus on one niche for a success freelance SEO copywriting business.

If you want to grow your SEO copywriting business in a MAJOR way — whether you’re brand new to SEO copywriting or you’ve been doing it for a while but you’re at a career crossroads — you’ll want to take the niche path.

This is the top recommendation of industry experts now, because the cluttered field of skilled and not-so-skilled SEO copywriters is making it harder for you to stand out and attract new clients. This approach has worked gangbusters for me since 2010.

So what does it mean to take the niche path?

It means choosing one industry or market you’ll “own.” For instance, you can claim your position in a particular field, such as the craft beer SEO copywriter, the green/eco products SEO copywriter, the wedding SEO copywriter, the accounting firm SEO copywriter and so forth.

Then you can position yourself in your specific niche industry by writing a helpful website, blog posts and other content that includes the keywords your prospects will use in searches: [industry] copywriter, [industry] marketing, [industry] SEO, [industry] web content, etc.

Once you stake your claim in a specific industry, magical things will happen.

First, you’ll be a superstar in a specific market that needs you instead of being “lumped” among dozens or even hundreds of professional SEO copywriters. Clients in your niche market will be THRILLED to find a skilled SEO copywriter who understands their business, prospects and language.

Next, potential clients will find you quickly in Google and other search engines. Picture how a potential client searches for a skilled SEO copywriter in their industry: they’ll type in “industry SEO copywriter,” right? If you’re well positioned in that industry — with a nicely optimized website and blog posts — you’ll do well in Google, Bing and other search results.

In addition, you can quickly build a reputation as the industry’s go-to SEO copywriter. Once you set up your niche position in Google+ (and link your content to your Google+ profile), your blog posts and articles will give you credibility as a smart and trusted resource. Of course, you need to make sure all your content is offering helpful SEO and marketing tips for your niche industry.

That’s just for starters. You can also build a solid reputation and business foundation by writing articles for your niche trade association, partnering with niche web developers and finding other ways to immerse yourself in that industry. You’ll soon find that clients are calling you for help!

Wondering how to find a thriving, profitable niche market for you? Try these clues from my AWAI articles as well as Copyblogger and Nick Usborne.

About the Author

Pam Foster on finding your SEO copywriting nichePam Foster is a senior content writer and web consultant who has worked in marketing communications for more than 30 years, with 13 of those years entirely devoted to the veterinary and pet industry. She has coached numerous veterinary practices, manufacturers and pet companies on how to make the most of their online marketing efforts. Her specialties include local marketing, web content, SEO, blogging and social media. She’s been a frequent speaker/teacher at industry events such as the NAVC Conference, BlogPaws and the LifeLearn webinar series. She has worked for IDEXX Laboratories, The Pet Health Network, DirectVet Marketing, LifeLearn, numerous practices and other small veterinary and pet businesses. Her mission is to help her clients thrive online.

Top photo thanks to Daniel Zedda (Darwin)

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  1. Raubi Perilli says:

    Hi Pam. You read my mind with this post. I manage a community of writers and my next task is talking them into finding their niche and working from there. Thanks for this great post! I’m going to share it with them for sure.

  2. Tom says:

    Hat’s off to you Pam, I can certainly vouch for narrowing the focus. My niche is now freelance link building whereas before it was overall SEO. Going niche in a saturated online market certainly helps you get noticed among the herd.


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