How to Turn a Boring FAQ Page into a Sales Star

Does reading your FAQ page make you yawn?

Do you write your FAQ pages in five minutes, figuring “nobody is going to read them anyway?”

Check this out…

FAQ pages can be incredibly powerful to the sales process and conversions. Plus, infusing your FAQ page with a little personality can set you apart from your competitors.

Ready to transform your FAQ page into a sales superstar?

Here’s how to create FAQ pages that Google (and, your readers) love!

(Modified transcript below):

The poor, ignored FAQ page is yearning to be optimized for both search engines and internal linking/conversions.  Like the proverbial ugly duckling transforming into a majestic swan, you can make your FAQ page a beautiful conversion star.

Here’s how to do it:

1) Group FAQ’s Around Keyword/KeyPhrase Themes Whenever Possible (vs. Long, Untargeted FAQ Pages)

Grouping your FAQ page categories around keyword/keyphrase themes is much easier than it sounds.  Simply check your analytics for guidance.

What you want to avoid is talking about everything on your FAQ pages in a disjointed, rambling way, from products to shipping and returns policy on one page.  Split out these disparate subjects and organize them by keyphrase theme.

2) Match Your Site’s Tone and Feel  (vs. Boring, Administration-Sounding FAQ Pages)

While your FAQ page isn’t a sales page per se, try thinking about it that way: match your site’s tone and feel in your FAQ page.  While you may have to tend to necessary administrative details here, you can infuse them with the personality that you’ve honed in your other pages.  (But still take care to separate those administrative FAQ’s out from products/services FAQ’s, as noted above).

3)  Link to Products/Services Pages Whenever Possible (vs. “Dead End” FAQ Pages that Don’t Encourage Conversions)

The FAQ page can weave in little calls to action when answering prospect questions.  Using the example of an e-commerce kayak company, it smartly links internally to their product page by answering a common customer question (FAQ) with: “to learn more about our ‘Creek Boats’…”

Voila!  In simply answering a common question on its FAQ page and linking to its product page, this kayak company has gone from providing reader information to conversions – a very effective way to move your prospects along any given sales funnel.

Not so good is a “dead end” FAQ page with no links and therefore no option of click-through.  You want to encourage that conversion whenever possible!

4) Include Your Contact Information (vs. Making Your Readers Hunt for More Info)

Don’t assume your reader knows how to contact you, or will work to do so.  Be sure your contact information is front and center, at all times!

5) Highlight Overarching Company Benefits (vs. Hiding Your Benefits in the Copy or Not Mentioning Them at All)

When appropriate, try to highlight the overarching benefits of your company as well as those of your particular product or service.  Try to inspire company-level confidence.

6) Optimize the Title (vs. Writing a Non-Descript, Generic FAQ Title)

This cannot be over-emphasized:  a well-written title is as essential to the FAQ page as it is to any other conversions page on your site.  Assume your FAQ page title to be as important as that of your sales page.  Without incorporating a keyphrase, a FAQ page title is a “throw-away,” such as “FAQ Page.”

What do you think? Are you ready to tweak your FAQ pages and turn them into sales superstars? Post your comment below!

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    • Latasha says:

      great info. #7 tell people WHY you are having a sale is so key if you don’t want your clients to go numb to your message. I found that telling a story about a promotion or sale created more results and more loyalty from my clinkts.looeing forward to more tips!

  1. Marci Reynolds says:

    Great points Heather.. One more to add: Remember that your readers are not all US based. The term FAQ may not resonate with some global visitors. Your points 1 and 6 – tie to this concept.

    Thanks for sharing!


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