Search Siren: Irresistible SEO copywriting content – Nov. 6, 2013

Time's running out on your blog post!This tantalizing collection of SEO content comes at exactly the right time – because time’s running out!

It seems like everyone’s running out of time for blog posts this week, myself included, with a server glitch holding up the site as I type! (Tuesday night)

A few of this week’s expert posts assure me that I’m not the only one blogging out at the last minute. (And, yes, I just coined “blogging out,” meaning to freak out over a looming blog deadline. Feel free to use it … with attribution.)

To help out with the mad rush, the Internet-marketing Gods, aka HubSpot, hath released upon us this brand new collection of blog post templates. Write, my friends, write!

Oh yeah, and there’s a bunch of other helpful SEO stuff in here, too, that you can check out for yourself. Sorry, I’m totally blogging out right now!

Enjoy! :)

Ian Lurie writes Content Marketing and SEO: Proceed With Caution for Entrepreneur.

Shanna Mallon tells us how to Build Your Content Calendar: 3 Easy Steps on Content Marketing Institute.

Search Engine Journal shares What Do The New Google Updates Mean For Content Marketers: Interview With Greg Secrist At #Pubcon 2013 by Murray Newlands. (like, whoa! I can’t link that whole title!)

HubSpot’s Inbound Hub gives us Here’s How I Wrote This 1,000-Word Blog Post in 10 Minutes by Ginny Soskey.

Here are 20 Ways To Get Your Content In Front Of Early-Stage B2B Buyers by Derek Edmond on Search Engine Land.

Lee Odden writes Integrating Public Relations & Content Marketing – It Doesn’t Have to be Scary over at TopRank.

Rae Hoffman writes WHAT YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND ABOUT GOOGLE PENGUIN RECOVERY on her Sugarrae blog. (And, why yes, that is the best industry nickname ever.)

Search Engine People’s Amanda DiSilvestro shares What is Reverse Guest Blogging and How Can It Help?

Our very own Heather Lloyd-Martin tells What Lou Reed can teach you about SEO writing.

State of Digital’s Neil Walker writes Focus Groups and Knowing Your Audience.

Nick Wilsdon shares The Discovery Process Behind Mature Content Marketing Strategies, also on State of Digital.

Jennifer Horowitz introduces us to Google’s Newest Little Friend: Hummingbird over at Level343.

Google Hummingbird and its role in the promotion of content marketing by Colleen Lewis on memeburn.

Nick Whitmore gives us 5 Ways Persistence Pays For Online Content Creators on Copyblogger.

Joe Pulizzi shares the 2013 Content Marketing Prediction Hits and Misses on Content Marketing Institute.

Shawn Rosko writes SEO Techniques for Increasing Website Trust After a Penalty over at overit.

Doc Sheldon asks Writing Content for Users vs. Search Engines: Is There Still a Difference? on Search Engine Watch.

UpCity’s Julie Zare tells us to Ask An Expert 10/30: Local Keyword Selection, Kancart for Mobile, and Backlinks from Directories. (Dang – also too long to link the whole title!)

Julie Zare’s killin’ it over at UpCity with another one! Find out How to Ensure the Content on your Website is Unique.

Ginny Soskey asks Memes vs. MBAs: What Is Quality Content, Anyway? over at the HubSpot Inbound Hub.

David Portney gives us an SEO Makeover for 2014: A Practical Guide for Businesses at Portent.

Kimberly Krause Berg tells us What Google’s Machine Learning Can’t Know About Us on Internet Marketing Ninjas.

WordStream’s Phil Kowalski writes Clearing Up Negative Broad Match in AdWords.

Eliza Steely at TopRank writes 2013 SES Chicago – Wind, Shoulders, and Search.

Maria Winters DiMarco gives us the Top 5 Reasons to Set Clear Goals for Your Content over on SEER Interactive.

Danny Sullivan Shares What He Has Learned About Hummingbird with Eric Enge over at StoneTemple Consulting.


Lyena Solomon says “I’m Just Not That Into SEO” Is No Longer A Problem After This Post on Search Engine People.

Our own Amy Teeple helps you avoid the Oh no! I have a blog post to write! panic.

KISSmetrics’ Sherice Jacob tells us More Content Marketing Isn’t Necessarily Better.

Photo thanks to Jackie (It’s Official)

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