Our favorite SEO copywriting guest posts: 12 from 2012

12 stones stacked one atop the other represent the 12 most popular guest posts of 2012Picking up on last week’s theme (when we listed 2012’s top 10 SEO expert interviews), today we feature our 12 best SEO copywriting guest posts of 2012 as determined by our readers.

Some names you will recognize immediately, while others are newer talents in the SEO content marketing blogosphere. We are grateful for all of the guest bloggers who graced our pages last year, and would have loved to showcase everyone – but alas, that just wasn’t practical.

So here they are, again in no particular order: our readers’ 12 fave’s of 2012!


Susan O'NeilSusan O’Neil – one of the SEO industry originals and an online marketing diva – pens the thoughtful and wicked-smart “On SEO copywriting & disruptive innovation.




Courtney RamirezCourtney Ramirez simplifies and guides us through yet another social networking platform with “6 steps to a smart (sane) Google+ strategy.”




Angie NikoleychukAngie Nikoleychuk gets down to the nitty-gritty of linking strategy with “How to seduce your readers & woo – bait – links.”




Lyena SolomonLyena Solomon cites usability expert Jakob Nielsen in discussing SEO, conversions and usability withHow do readers consume your content?




Melissa FachMelissa Fach shares what makes her bounce off a page with “5 things that make me stop reading a blog post.”




Brian MasseyBrian (“The Conversion Scientist”) Massey talks about his new book and much, much more with “Customer creation, conversion, & SEO: an interview with Brian Massey.”




Sadie SherranSadie Sherran discusses reputation management in the era of social media networking with “How to protect your brand online.




Katie Fetting-SchlerfKatie Fetting-Schlerf discusses how to rebuild the AIDA model for internet marketing with “The conversion dilemma: AIDA in the internet age.





Gini DietrichGini Dietrich takes smartphone text writers to task withOMG! How NOT to write business web content.”



Andy HavardAndy Havard describes how to easily create videos on a small business budget with “A 9-step guide to creating & marketing your own video content – for free!




Mitt RayMitt Ray discusses the value of white papers in branding and content marketing with “How to write & use white papers in your content marketing strategy.”




Nick Stamoulis


Nick Stamoulis advises you look at the big picture when gauging the success of your SEO strategy with “How can you tell if your SEO campaign is working?




Our thanks to all of you talented folks for so generously sharing your insights with us, and a big thank you to our readers for making 2012 a most rewarding and memorable year!

photo thanks to Mrs Logic


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    • Laura says:

      Yes there are, Brian! And yes, I think we do have a new wave of thought leaders in the sometimes murky waters of the SEO content marketing industry :)


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