SEO Content Marketing Roundup, Week Ending April 27th, 2011

The triad of content, SEO, and social is the common theme running through this week’s latest and greatest web writing news.  Posts about crafting unique and compelling content, engaging the reader, creating social buzz, and ensuring optimization across the spectrum (wait, does Google like it?) dominate the blogosphere.  Catch up with these choice selections…

Content Marketing:

Lee Odden of Top Rank posts two notable reads with 29 content marketing tactics to be explored and with transitioning (leaping) from egocentric to empathetic content marketing.

Why nobody cares about your content (and what to do about it) is posted at Copyblogger.

So where to find those content ideas?  Content Marketing Institute suggests mining demographic data, as well as five steps to using data to maximize content marketing ROI.

Need more ideas?  A Marketing Sherpa blog post suggests unlocking content from your emails and social marketing, and as for ROI, a Marketing Profs article details three steps to generating higher ROI from content marketing.

Yet more?  Vertical Measures offers a free guide for 12 compelling content concepts, as well as a post on how to properly optimize your content.

Ian Lurie shares his recent Search + Social presentation on content, SEO, and analytics at Conversation Marketing.

Neuromarketing posts the power of positive names, and how simple slogans double sales.

eMarketer features two notable posts: one, that traffic generated from social sites is relatively less engaged in content, and two, that email response rates vary by web email provider.

Pamela Wilson posts how to keep your blog from boring your readers to tears.Finally,  Seth Godin shares his distinctly unique view on the marketer-customer relationship with his post, Alignment.

SEO & Search:

Citing Hitwise data, Search Engine Land reports that the Panda update has translated into a 40-percent loss in Google traffic for Demand Media’s sites.

SEO Book discusses why Demand Media was “torched” by Google, and also posts why content farms are here to stay.

Business Insider reports that the big G’s update is hurting many small businesses, and why Google needs to win in social (that nobody talks about).

SEO and design mistakes that could mean trouble for your blog’s search rankings are posted at Kikolani, while HubSpot posts ways to optimize images for your site or blog.

Rand Fishkin shares a simple way to generate great, optimized content at SEOmoz.

Rand Fishkin’s latest whiteboard Friday (SEOmoz) presentation delves into correlation data for SEO and social media, while Stacey Acevero of PR Web posts reasons why social media is good for SEO at SEO Copywriting.

Social Media Marketing:

Lee Odden discusses social media for SEO versus customer engagement at Top Rank, and Michael Steizner posts how to humanize your company at Social Media Examiner.

HubSpot posts how to break through the social media clutter, and Marketing Profs posts three at-a-glance guides for mastering social media.

ZDNet posts the winners, losers, and surprises in the 2011 social networking battle via infographic, and Social Media Examiner discusses advertising on the big three platforms.

Jay Baer argues that Facebook is the new AOL at Convince and Convert, and both the New York Times and HubSpot feature posts about Facebook’s rivalry with Groupon.

iMedia Connection posts the “secret source” of better brand engagement, and Social Media Examiner looks at how Cisco uses social media to connect with its customers via video interview with its social media marketing manager.

Social media “facts and figures” for B2B sales are posted at M3 New Media, and Lee Odden shares five substantive reports on 2011 B2B social media marketing and new media trends at Top Rank.

Social media monitoring tools headlines Social Media Examiner’s weekly news, while a second post discusses the future of geolocation.

Finally, Jay Baer addresses the research value in the social media ROI equation.

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