SEO content marketing roundup, week ending August 8th

In this week’s latest and greatest Web-writing news, Facebook grabbed the headlines with a client’s allegation that it uses bots for ad traffic. Meanwhile, SEO & search folks broaden the discussion of their profession beyond marketing, and content marketers talk online sales. Enjoy!

Content Marketing

Rebecca Lieb discusses “The Content/Advertising Intersection” at Marketing Land.

Gabriella Sannino posts “Building Your Customers’ Brand: When the Story Isn’t About You” at Level 343.

Heather Lloyd-Martin ‘s Monday video discusses the compelling content strategies of exclusivity and perceived value in wooing prospects to buy online, at SEO Copywriting.

Lee Odden discusses B2B content optimization across the entire sales cycle, at Top Rank.

Mark Sherbin discusses content curation and “[t]he essentials every content marketer needs to consider” at Content Marketing Institute.

George Passwater posts “Creating Content Marketing Goodness With Questions” at his blog.

Jack Martin discusses a book give-away contest at Portent, in celebration of the release of their second edition “(Brand NEW”) “Web Marketing All-in-One for Dummies.”

Angela Stringfellow posts “Landing Pages: The Secret to Online Sales” at Open Forum.

Rob Fuggetta discusses “5 Ways To Foster Fanatical Brand Advocates” at Fast Company.

Nick Stamoulis asks “Is your B2B content choking on red tape?” at SEO Copywriting.



Danny Goodwin posts “Facebook Working on Better Search, But Won’t Rival Google, Engineer Confirms” at Search Engine Watch.

Hugo Guzman discusses “Why search is about a heck of a lot more than just marketing” at his blog.

Lee Odden posts “SEO Mindshift: Link Building As Online PR & Social Promotion” at Top Rank

Jeff McRitchie discusses 10 important YouTube ranking factors at SEOmoz.

Cris Crum reports that Google’s multi-channel funnels reporting now has an API at WebProNews.

Benny Blum discusses “How To Get Smart(er) With Conversion Tracking” at Search Engine Land.

Bob Tripathi posts “How to Conduct an On-Page SEO Site Audit” at Search Engine Watch.

Russ Jones posts “To Catch a Spammer: Uncovering Negative SEO” at SEOmoz.

Mark Lazen posts “Pandas, Penguins, and the Murky Line Between Black and White Hat SEO” at Social Media Today.

Brad Neelan posts “3 Steps To Understanding When, Where & How In B2B SEM” at Search Engine Land.


Social Media Marketing

First, the scandal with alleged use of ad bots by Facebook:

Emil Protalinski reports that “Limited Run alleges 80% of [Facebook] clicks were coming from bots – extorting $2,000+ in advertising to let company change its name” at CNet.

Marty Weintraub and the folks at aimClear dug into the data and counter with “Facebook Ads Bot Traffic? Get The Real Story.”

Patrick Hanlon posts “Is Facebook’s Credibility Eroding?” at Forbes.

Josh Wolford posts that “It’s Time To Stop Worrying And Learn To Love Facebook Timeline” at WebProNews.

Lauren Litwinka posts her interview with Lisa Buyer with “Social Media, SEO, Yoga & Life on Planet PR…” at aimClear.

Gini Dietrich posts “Convergence is the Name of the Game for PR Pros of Tomorrow” at Spin Sucks.

In anticipation of BlueGlassX 2012 registration starting today (August 8th) Chris Winfield posts “Transforming Your Visitors Into a Dedicated and Passionate Community” at BlueGlass.

Dilip Venkatachari posts “The Social Integration Is On (and Intelligence Follows)” at ClickZ.

Kaila Strong answers the question, “What Is Social Media Optimization” via video at Vertical Measures.

Heidi Cohen discusses “Social Media Behavior & Engagement: What You Need To Know” at her blog.

Dave Copeland posts “Can Facebook Capitalize on the Social Discovery Trend?” at ReadWriteWeb.

Chris Taylor posts “Google is Losing Top Talent; Twitter is Growing It” at Mashable.

Jeff Bullas shares an infographic of 2012 “Blogging Stats, Facts and Figures” at his blog.

Phil Mershon posts that Social Media Examiner is accepting small business Facebook page nominations for their second annual top 10 content for 2012.

Jim Belosic posts “What is a Sandbox and Why Every Business on Facebook Should Use One” at Social Mouths.

The Self Employed features a podcast with Mark Schaefer (of BusinessesGrow) on “The Tao of Twitter.”



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photo thanks to Kevin Krejci

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