SEO content marketing roundup, week ending November 14th

Creativity and change.

The temptation can be real to use duplicate content when existing content becomes stale and you are in a creative funk.  Beware! There are consequences for adopting content that is not yours. Ideas to help you shake that creative vacuum include a refresher using 5 simple tips, a clever use of infographics, and using your own voice.

Likewise, external changes demand that we adapt or get left behind. Whether it is a Panda update, or optimizing crawler frequency, or the onset of micro-microblogging (it’s teeny!), or the assault on social media.

Read on for this week’s dose of motivation!

Content Marketing

With the election a week behind us, KISSmetrics takes a look at the email marketing lessons from Obama’s winning campaign.

Passing off work as your own was a no-no in school and is a no-no for your site. James Wright shows you why at SEO Copywriting.

Are you stumped when it comes to ideas for new content? Check out Jennifer’s post at Level343.

Brian Harnish asserts that Content Strategy is key to besting your competition. Read how your strategy feeds your content development at Search News Central.

Lee Odden gives a clever twist on content marketing – the use of the infographic at TopRank.

Think your content is awesome … but your readers don’t? Check out Ashley Zeckman’s 5 Simple Tips at TopRank.

Heather Lloyd-Martin discusses using your voice when blogging. Should you temper your posts in the name of not offending others?  Or should you just “let ‘er rip?”  Find out what happened when “the real Heather” took to the keyboard at SEO Copywriting.


SEO and Search

Google crawls before it walks.  What does this mean to you? Josh McCoy gives insight about crawl frequency at Search Engine Watch.

Matt McGee gets hit again … by a Panda.  Read how it happened at Small Business Search Marketing.

Challenges abound for Marketers. Read Sarah Goliger’s take on 5 big ones at Hubspot.

It’s not personal … at least not today at Google.  Check out Danny Sullivan’s revelation at Search Engine Land.

It’s only a website redesign … no big deal.  Let Mark Jackson set you straight at Search Engine Watch.

Social Media Marketing

Ride the escalator with Alan Knect as he points out the journey a social marketer must create for potential customers at Search Engine Journal.

Do Retweets equal clicks? Find out from Josh Wolford at WebProNews.

How small can you get? Micro-microblogging? Seriously? Fraser Robinson posts how to use the ever-shrinking blog at Social Media Today.

Ashley Zeckman defines 5 social media user types and how marketers can connect with each one on TopRank.

Jason Falls helps deflect the assault on social media at MarketingProfs.

And for a little fun … how social media is a lot like sex.  I swear (sorry Heather!) it’s true.  Check out Pamela Vaughn’s perspective at Hubspot.


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