SEO content marketing roundup, week ending November 17th

Ready for the rainy season?  This week’s latest and greatest web writing news is flooded with slick new developments, smart analyses, and forecasts for SEO, content, and social media marketing, as well as some solid advice for addressing that sometimes-slippery issue of industry credibility.  So gear up with your muck boots and umbrella, whatever your clime: it’s positively pouring links out there!

Content Marketing:

Trying to figure out how to get your company’s content marketing strategy going? Read this piece on getting started at Content Marketing Institute.

A look at content marketing as part of an overall business strategy is posted at Open Forum from Duct Tape Marketing founder John Jantsch.

How well are you integrating SEO and social media into your content marketing strategy?  Check out this post at Top Rank for some great tips.

Getting customers is one thing – keeping them is quite another.  See these suggestions for improving your customer retention at MarketingProfs.

Do you have content you’d rather not have indexed by Google?  This Search Engine Land guide by Vanessa Fox explains how to remove pages from your site.

Launching a new website?  See this detailed SEOmoz how-to, presented from a marketing and metrics perspective.

Google Goggles – no, it’s not a typo, it’s the big G’s big brands experiment linking offline with online marketing via a mobile app.  Read all about it at Read Write Web.

Pssssst, if you haven’t heard, blogging is big and it’s just getting bigger.  Check out this new chart at Hubspot, and this timely how-to at Write to Done.  The larger forecast for internet marketing trends in 2011 is posted at Design Damage.

And by the way, Write to Done is also accepting nominations for the 5th annual top 10 favorite blogs for writers contest. ::Ahem::  Vote for your favorite by the December 1st deadline!

Strictly SEO:

Beyond reputation management: this Search Engine Journal post discusses client education about SEO as a way of recovering the reputation the industry, while Nick Stamoulis advises SEO professionals on how to cultivate credibility at Search Engine Optimization Journal.

A great read about the most recent insights into users’ search behavior from the SEO perspective is at Search News Central, and the same author (David Harry, SEO Dojo) posts his second installment of The Art of War – SEO Style.

A philosophical view of the grey shades of SEO is posted at YOUmoz, while a SEOmoz post by CEO Rand Fishkin thoughtfully compares SEO and social media as marketing channels.

In a similar vein to the Randfish post, Bruce Clay weighs in on the “Search vs. Social” discussion in this iMedia Connecion video interview.

With new search tools comes cool new ways to use them for SEO:  Search Engine Watch posts “SEO Ninja” tips to use with Blekko, while Hubspot shares SEO tips for capitalizing on Google’s Instant Previews.

Yahoo’s unveiled its fun new search keyword tool, Yahoo Clues.  Read what this tool can tell you about searchers and search trends at Search Engine Land.

By the way, a fun infographic showing the “brutal decline” of Yahoo is posted at Scores.

Social Media Marketing:

Twitter vs. Facebook?  The comparative use of the two social media giants by Fortune 500 companies is nicely summarized via this MarketingProf chart.

Facebook’s  (“It’s not E-Mail”) Messaging vs. G-Mail?  Facebook’s launch of its own email, er, messaging system has the speculative and how-to sparks flying:  Search Engine Land posts a great explanation of how Facebook’s messaging system works, and Mashable presents a visual (screenshot) walkthrough (while speculating that the latest Facebook bug may curb users’ enthusiasm for the platform).

Meanwhile, in an exclusivity twist on both Twitter and Facebook enters Path, a new social media venue which limits your social circle to 50 friends.  Find out more about the Path launch at Mashable.

What’s your social media style?  Content Marketing Institute explores how to determine the right one for your business.

Finally, solid Twitter strategies are offered up at both Social Media Examiner and SEOmoz.

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  1. Dave says:

    Thanks for the luv and I am glad ye enjoyed the posts. In particular that white paper on user behaviour certainly had more than a few tidbits of interest. And the ‘Art of War’ gig, well… it was just something I thought would be fun. That should be an ongoing series for the next month or so….weeeeeeeee…. Anyway Laura, thanks again for the luv and have yerself a great day!

  2. Laura Crest says:

    Thanks Dave :-) You are most welcome for the luv! Yes, that white paper was full of interesting insights and you distilled them nicely! And your Art of War is fun :-) Looking forward to the series.


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