SEO content marketing roundup, week ending October 3rd

This week’s latest & greatest Web writing news is all about helpful how-to’s & advice, be it creating an “enchanting” blog or designing an SEO-smart niche website.  Dig in and bookmark much, as folks in-the-know seem to be in a most generous mood, freely sharing their hard-won expertise!

Content Marketing

Henneke outlines “45 Ways to Create an Enchanting Blog that Inspires Your Audience to Buy” at Blue Glass.

Brad Miller posts a piece on “Research & Thought Leadership: Top 10 Content Creation Ideas” at Search Engine Watch.

Level 343 shares “Essential Tips To Dramatically Boost eCommerce Search Traffic and Conversions.”

Heidi Cohen discusses “3 Cases That Prove the Power of Content Marketing” at Content Marketing Institute.

Laura Crest shares “How to land a quality guest post gig – 9 tips from an editor” at SEO Copywriting.

Citing persuasion expert Robert Cialdini (and plugging PubCon), Roger Dooley posts “How to Turn a NO into a Yes!” at Neuromarketing.

Temple Stark posts “Keep Up with Online Marketing Trends the Smart Way” at Vertical Measures.

Nick Night posts “Stop Driving People Away from Your Landing Pages” at Unbounce.

Rebecca Corliss discusses “The RIGHT Way to Weave Product Mentions Into Your Marketing” at HubSpot.

Marketing Sherpa’s weekly research chart features the “[m]ost widely used lead gen[eration]  tactics.”



SEO & Search

So how many times has SEO been declared dead? Check it out for yourself via this “Infographic: The Death Of SEO, Failed Predictions Over The Years” at Search Engine Land.

Heather Lloyd-Martin discusses seven ways to seduce both your customers and the search engines with “SEO: Sexy and You Know It” at Target Marketing Magazine.

John Doherty discusses “What Kind of Content Gets Links in 2012?” at SEOmoz.

Patrick Sexton reports “Google Guidelines are now Officially Updated” via his Webmaster Advice at Feedthebot blog.

Another Google update reads “Digital marketing made (much) easier: Introducing Google Tag Manager” at the Google Analytics Blog.

Barry Schwartz reports on Google’s Spam Master Matt Cutts’ recent tweet-warning, with “Google Issues ‘Weather Report’ Of Crack Down On Low Quality Exact Match Domains” at Search Engine Land.

Miranda Miller also discusses Google’s imminent exact-match domain smackdown with  “Google Warns of Upcoming Exact Match Domain Algorithm Change” at Search Engine Watch.

Gabe Donnini posts “The Long Tail Effect: Why Word Count Matters In Search Query Optimization” at Marketing Land.

Christophor Rick posts “Live Streaming Video Gaining in Popularity, How Can Your Business Benefit?” at ReelSEO.

Heather Lloyd-Martin’s most recent top SEO copywriting video how-to’s are featured at SEO Copywriting.

In the first post of a series on semantic search, Barbara Starr posts “How Search & Social Engines Are Using Semantic Search” at Search Engine Land.

Michael Gray offers great tips for “Building a Niche Website” at his blog.

Ben Holland posts a video answer to the question “How Can I Better Understand My Audience’s Search Behavior?” at Vertical Measures.

Neil Patel posts “Finally: An Easy-to-Understand Link Building Plan to Help You Recover from Penguin and Panda” at Quicksprout.

Citing stats from the 2012 SEOmoz SEO Industry Survey, Linday Wassell posts “In-House, Agency, or Independent: What’s the Best Gig for You?” at – you guessed it – SEOmoz.

Peter Da Vanzo posts “Insulating Ourselves From Google’s Whims” at SEO Book.

AJ Kohn discusses an experiment that suggests how getting read could influence your Author Rank at Blind Five Year Old.

Tom Schmitz posts “Understanding SEO Friendly URL Syntax Practices” at Search Engine Land.

Mark Nunney posts “How to discover & grow your cash cow keywords” at Wordtracker.

David Moth discusses “Seven ways PRs should be helping their clients’ SEO strategies” at Econsultancy.

So “Is learned helplessness screwing over your SEO content?” Heather Lloyd-Martin addresses the question at SEO Copywriting.

Jordan Kasteler posts “Making Your Site Sticky For Both Search & Social Users” at Search Engine Land.


  • PubCon Las Vegas 2012 is on for October 15th thru the 19th at the Las Vegas Convention Center.
  • Distilled’s SearchLove events are scheduled for October 29th & 30th in London, and for November 5th & 6th in Boston.
  • SES Chicago is scheduled for November 12th thru the 16th.


Social Media Marketing

“LinkedIn Endorsements” headlines Social Media Examiner’s weekly news.

Mack Collier posts “Never underestimate the impact search traffic has on your blog.”

Elise Redlin posts “How to Use Facebook’s Newest Feature to Deliver Targeted Content” at Content Marketing Institute.

John Jantsch shares “Three Creative Ways to Boost Response on Facebook” at MarketingProfs.

Doug Schumacher posts “Which Brand is Top Dog at Creating Engaging Facebook Content” at Content Marketing Institute.

Huyen Truong discusses “The Marketing Tactic that Social Media Marketers Often Forget” at Jeff Bullas’s blog.

Greg Finn posts the results of a new Forrester report which indicates that “…Fewer Than 1% Of Sales Can Be Tracked Back To Social Media” at Marketing Land.

Susanna Gebauer shares “8 Advantages Content Can Give You In Business Social Media” at Business 2 Community.

Via a London “B2B huddle,” Mark Schaefer discusses “New insights on the future of search privacy and the inevitability of social media” at Businesses Grow.

Pattricia Redsicker reviews Rohit Bhargava’s book, Likeonomics: The Unexpected Truth Behind Earning Trust, Influencing Behavior, and Inspiring Action at Social Media Examiner.



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