SEO content marketing roundup, week ending September 26th

Got a plan? Strategy seems to be the watchword in this week’s latest and greatest Web-writing news. Content marketers discuss organization, SEO & search professionals buzz about 2013 being “the year of the SEO,” while social media marketers talk about message timing and effectiveness. You can simply hope, but it might help to get prepared and hone a strategy for your internet marketing with this week’s best of the web!

Content Marketing

Simon Penson shares “46 Ways to Kill It With Content” at Search Engine Watch.

Frank Strong discusses “Why Content Marketing is the New Branding” at Copyblogger.

Joanna Lord posts “A Quick Guide to Making Your Brand’s Story More Compelling” at Entrepreneur.

Jay Baer discusses “Why You Should Use a Content Rationale Report” at Convince and Convert.

Roger Dooley discusses “Blog Headline Writing Lessons from Mega-traffic Sites” at Neuromarketing.

Level 343 posts “The Top 3 Things You Must Know About Headlines.”

In a B2B marketing innovation series leading up to MarketingProf’s B2B Forum, Lee Odden discusses B2B marketing innovation with Tim Washer at Top Rank.

Lauren Litwinka posts a fantastic interview with Michael Streko, “Why Customer Acquisition Is Like Fishing & Other Online Marketing Musings by Streko”, at aimClear.

Corey Eridon shares “25 Little Email Marketing Experiments That Deliver BIG Results” at HubSpot.

David Kirkpatrick discusses “Email Marketing: 6 tactics on combining content and email strategies” at MarketingSherpa.

Deb Daufeldt posts “Is Personalization the Holy Grail of Email Marketing?” at SiteProNews.

Sally Lowery discusses “The Five Landing Page Metrics You Need to Know” at ion interactive.

Jakob Nielsen looks at “Homepage Design Changes” via year-to-year examples he’s collected for some 19 years at his Alertbox.

Heidi Cohen posts “Do Your Blog Posts Have Legs? 15 Ways To Use Blog Posts To Create Content Marketing” at her blog.

George Passwater posts “Organizing Content Marketing With An Editorial Calendar” at his blog.

Pawan Deshpande shares “7 Ways to Organize Your Content for Curation” at Content Marketing Institute.



SEO & Search

Laura Crest interviews Conductor’s Director of Research, Nathan Safran, on his joint research with Search Engine Watch’s Jonathan Allen that predicts “2013 will be the year of the SEO” at SEO Copywriting.

The original study cited above, “Why 2013 Will be the Year of the SEO,” is available for download at Conductor.

Jonathan Allen also discusses the joint study findings with his post, “SEOs Expect ROI, Headcounts & Influence to Increase in 2013 at Conductor #C3NY” at Search Engine Watch.

Sean Work posts “The On-Page SEO Recipe for Peak Inbound Marketing Efficiency” at KISSmetrics.

Virginia Nussey posts “The Cupcake Effect: Too Many Links, Not Enough Content” at Bruce Clay, Inc.

They’re baaaack: Matt McGee posts “Back To The Future: Google Announces A Meta Keywords Tag Just For News Articles” at Search Engine Land.

Michael Wiegand posts “Google Analytics Shortcuts I’m Saving Immediately” at Portent.

Jason Wellls posts “Mobile Search: 4 Ways it is Different” at Search Engine Journal.

Stoney deGeyter shares “6 Easy Ways To Improve Your Site’s Navigation” at Search Engine Land.

Elisa Gabbert discusses “The Importance of A/B Testing: 24 Marketing Experts on Their Most Surprising A/B Test” at WordStream.

Michael Gray posts “Google FINALLY Admits That GWO [Google Website Optimizer] Could F*** Up Your Rankings” at his blog.

Miranda Miller posts “Google Rich Snippets Testing Tool Gets New Name, Design, Languages” at Search Engine Watch.

Adam Dince discusses “5 Steps To Immediately Take After a Major Algorithm Change” at Conductor (Blog).

Nick Bernard talks local SEO with “Local SEO Directories and Gyro Sandwiches” at Portent.

Chad Pollitt posts “The 5 Personae of the Enterprise Internet Marketer” at Slingshot SEO.

Heather Lloyd-Martin discusses why “Your B2B site doesn’t need more freakin’ words” at SEO Copywriting.

Nathan Safran discusses “How To Leverage PPC To Discover High-Converting Keywords For SEO” at Search Engine Land.

Lauren Litwinka interviews Monica Wright, a “seasoned moderator of the SMX scene,” with “SEO + Conference Moderating + Dirty Martinis = Fresh Insight from Monica Wright” at aimClear.



Social Media Marketing

Avinash Kaushik posts “Facebook Advertising/Marketing: Best Metrics, ROI, Business Value” at Occam’s Razor.

“Tying Social Media to Business Objectives, Measurement Tactics” is posted at eMarketer.

Anita Li posts “Referrals to Facebook Spike 1000% After Twitter Cuts off LinkedIn [Chart]” at Mashable (Social Media).

Ron Schott shares “The Definitive Checklist for Effective Facebook Posts” at Search Engine Watch.

Chris Sietsema discusses “Creating Social Substance: Talkable & Useful Content” at Convince and Convert.

Meghan Keaney Anderson posts “A Marketer’s Guide to Nailing the Timing & Frequency of Social Media Updates” at HubSpot.

Lee Odden posts “B2B Marketing Innovation: Social Media Marketing Tips from Amber Naslund of SideraWorks” at Top Rank.

Josh Wolford posts “Facebook Is Tracking What You Buy to Provide Marketers Better Ad Analytics” at WebProNews.

Citing stats from Pingdom, Dan Shure shares “Seventeen Ways To Improve Your Blog – Case Study” at SEOmoz.

Brian Solis posts “Infographics are not a Social Media Strategy: The need for social producers” at his blog.

Doug Antikowiak posts “How to Optimize Social Networks for Local SEO” at Conversation Marketing.

Linda Dreyer shares “Five Lessons from Great Community Managers” at Social Fish.

Lauren Litwinka interviews Purna Virji of YouTube with “YouTube PPC & PR + Social: In-House Obstacles & Opportunity” at aimClear.

Sian Killingsworth posts “Marketing: A Love Story” at her blog.



photo thanks to stefan.erschwendner (Stefan Erschwendener)


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