SEO copy editing: our top 3 videos

Greetings and welcome back! Glad you’re here, as today we’re featuring another “slice of Heather” ‘a la her Monday video posts. This time, the slice of Heather’s best is her top video posts on SEO copy editing.

Tune in and enjoy these top 3 reader/YouTube subscriber hits, along with a bonus video post (also among Heather’s most popular) on how to go about creating an editorial calendar… Afterwards, please do “stay tuned” for an exciting, special announcement!

1. SEO editing vs. copywriting for SEO: know the difference

In this reader/subscriber favorite, Heather defines the crucial distinction between SEO editing and SEO copywriting, as well as the circumstances (and content types) that best lend themselves to one strategy versus the other.


2. How to transform blah into bang with SEO copy editing

Here, Heather elaborates on the post above (SEO editing vs. copywriting for SEO), with a how-to on SEO copy editing. She uses a website example to demonstrate “opportunity blurbs” in copy that are ripe for skilled keyphrase editing, showing how deft SEO copy editing appeals to both search engines and readers.


3. Does your site suffer from content mullet syndrome?

Remember the “mullet” hairstyle of the late 70’s/early 80’s? Then it was trendy and stylish, now not so much (to put it kindly). The same can be said of a website with outdated, stale and neglected Web pages. In this video post, Heather suggests easy ways (such as simple copy editing) to bring your Web content up to speed with the competition, while simultaneously taking advantage of content marketing opportunities.


Bonus!  How to create an editorial calendar

While the term “editorial calendar” may imply something elaborate and complex, it really is not. Here, Heather explains what an editorial calendar is, and how to create one in three very simple steps. She also discusses how having an editorial calendar can boost the productivity of your content creation and marketing efforts.

Thanks for tuning in! As always, if you have any questions or topic suggestions for Heather, you’re encouraged to contact her via or via Twitter @heatherlloyd.

Now, for an important & exciting announcement…

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  1. Kalisha says:

    Certified SEO copywriting brings together the best of both worlds: Direct response copywriting for the humans and Keyword focused writing for the search engines.

    Any company could benefit from having the creativity, direct marketing strategy and the knowledge of SEO techniques a certified SEO copywriter has to offer. That’s why I want to be a certified SEO copywriter.


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