Win an SEO Copywriting Certification Scholarship!

Are you a writer who wants to expand your skills and make more money? Have you been dreaming about taking the SEO Copywriting Certification training, but haven’t signed up yet?

Well, here is your golden opportunity: we’re holding a scholarship contest!

Now, one lucky winner will receive a scholarship to the SuccessWorks SEO Copywriting Certification program!

Here are the details:

Grand Prize: The author of the winning entry gets a full scholarship to the SEO Copywriting Certification program (a value of $769!)

All contestants: Everyone who enters the contest will receive a coupon for 20% off the SEO certification training, plus 10% off the Copywriting Business Bootcamp training. (Coupon expires September 7, 2012.)

So, you can’t “lose”! You either win the scholarship, OR, you can save $154 dollars on the Certification training (plus even more if you want to purchase the Bootcamp training, too!) What could be better?

How to enter:

You have to do  two  things to enter:

# 1. In the comments section of this blog post – in 75 words or less – answer this question:  

Why do you want to become a Certified SEO copywriter? 

(Friendly reminder – answers over 75 words will not be accepted)

— AND —

 # 2. Tweet this:

I just entered a contest for free SEO Copywriting Certification via @heatherlloyd’s SEO Copywriting course #certificate

 ==> Important!  The link ( must be included in your tweet

Enter today! Contest starts today, August 13th, and all entries must be received by Monday, August 27th, @11:59 pm.

The winner will be announced in the weekly roundup post on Wednesday, August 29th.

Don’t delay – we only give away one scholarship a year. Submit your entry today!

Good luck and happy posting! :)

If you have any questions about the contest, please email our wonderful Marketing Director, Heather G.:


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55 replies
  1. Erin says:

    As a web copywriter, I can’t do my job without a strong understanding of SEO. Becoming a Certified SEO Copywriter is the perfect opportunity to update my knowledge and this certification would provide my clients with peace of mind, knowing they’ve hired a true professional.

  2. Rebecca says:

    There are six weeks until my 10-year high school reunion. I had braces for three of the four years and I wrote for the newspaper. (I also claim title to the worlds longest unrequited crush–7 years.) In the last decade, my writing has entertained and paid the bills, but to really shine, this wallflower has to get FOUND. Being a Certified SEO copywriter means sitting at the cool kids table from here on out!

  3. Anne Mette Kærgaard Olesen says:

    My job is to write online content that encourages kids to use their imagination and creativity, to play and learn. I am always looking for ways to improve the user experience for kids and their parents in a safe and trusted online environment.

  4. Steve Coombes says:

    Because I care enough about my clients NOT to write “Our cashmere sweaters are the best cashmere sweaters online. Buy our cashmere sweaters now for the best cashmere prices.” to help them sell cashmere sweaters.

    Because my clients deserve the best possible results from my copy… to be found online AND sell the pants off their competitors after hiring me.

    And because Heather Lloyd-Martin’s SEO Copywriting Certification proves I can do both.

  5. Sian Killingsworth says:

    Because SEO is like Rubik’s Cube with words: more fun than Scrabble. Plus, my husband and I both work in advertising/marketing. He’s at an agency and digs SEO; I’m a freelance writer. We’re in a dead heat for readership to our respective business blogs. If I can expertly use SEO to attract more readers, I bet I’ll beat him – and of course, I’d publicize this competition and how I won on my blog!

  6. Laura Phillips says:

    I’m an SEO and content writer who fell in love with writing at an early age. I very much enjoy what I do but there’s just something missing when I bring the two together and I know I can do better, be better. I want my clients to have the best experience possible when I write for them and this course may be the key.

  7. Kate Valdovinos says:

    Writing is an art. Like art, there are many different categories that change with culture: narrative, persuasive, creative, journalistic and my newest favorite: SEO. Like any art, learning from others can improve skills, even if they were born with the talent. I would love to learn from a professional so that I can combine my talents and knowledge to create meaningful and effective content for individuals, businesses, the Internet and myself.

  8. Jen says:

    I am currently at something of a career crossroads, but regardless of where I go next, I know I’m going to need a) a website and b) a way to get the right people to it in droves. I view the course as a valuable investment in a necessary 21st century skill! And becoming officially certified is just icing on the cake :)

  9. Owais Khan says:

    My love for sports made me accept the position of a sports blogger, which is rewarding personally but not financially. With the world going online with the next batch of technologies, content is being more important than ever. Therefore, I believe that in order to take the next step in my career in lieu with the world, being a Certified SEO copywriter is the way forward.

  10. Andrew Freeman says:

    Why would I want to win an SEO copy writing scholarship?…

    Writing is Emotion…

    Writing is Imagination…

    Writing is Connection…

    Writing is Persuasion…

    Writing is Understanding…

    Writing is Everything!!!

    I recognize the importance of writing as a vehicle to reach out to other people, to reach out to potential customers, but I need to improve my skill in this regards. Reaching out to people, will help to reach out to the search engines.

  11. Dianna Gunn says:

    As a beginning freelancer/copywriter, I’ve found a few gigs but I’d really like to get some official training so it becomes easier for me to find paid copywriting work. SEO is also one of my weaker points as a writer and I’d really like to learn more about it. Research is one thing but participating in a class is a completely different opportunity and experience.

    Thanks for this contest :)

  12. Sarah says:

    First, thanks for the contest! So, the SEO world is a constantly evolving machine. Know how to work with that machine, and you can deliver quality copy to your clients; don’t, and beware the panda (etc.) I’d love to learn those techniques from someone who really knows what she’s doing (not to mention Heather’s awesome!)

  13. Tiffany says:

    In short, I’ll just say that I come from a poor background. Eventually I realized that my love of writing could be my path to self reliance. SEO copywriting has become a dedicated passion for me. I love learning SEO, and it is the vehicle through which I will achieve my dreams. Having a certification would help me to both establish a career that I love and break the cycle of poverty in my family.

  14. Greta Welterlen says:

    Copywriting opens the doors to the imagination of many. The words our fellow professionals put on website and in online content create new thoughts and ignite imaginations. Blogging and content development are my passion. I spend day and night creating copy in my head, just waiting for the right moment to unleash it on my readers. Great pride is taken in being a copywriting professional and I wish to be further advanced in SEO Copywriting.

  15. Heather Georgoudiou says:

    Hey Everyone! Thanks for signing up for the contest. Please don’t forget to do the 2nd part of the submission and retweet this message.

    I just entered a contest for free SEO Copywriting Certification via @heatherlloyd’s SEO Copywriting course #certificate

  16. Stefanie Frank says:

    The chance to improve my skills and be of even higher service to my clients is why I want to win! What a great way to add value and up my game as a business owner!

    Plus I’m a triathlete about to race in the Ironman World Championship 70.3 as a lottery winner. If I can win a slot into one of the biggest triathlon races in the world, who says I can’t win this?

  17. John Agoglia says:

    As a freelance journalist, editor and copywriter I’m hoping to transition into full-time copywriting for non-profits. After years of searching for what I want to be when I grow up (I’m now in my mid-40s), I have realized that I want to be someone that helps make a difference. A better understanding of the ins-and-outs of SEO writing will help me help organizations fulfill their missions and mine.

  18. Kumail Hemani says:

    Certification is a way to justify the work, individual potential and excellence to any field. I want to be a certified SEO copywriter to get excellence award and an ideal exposure in the community. For me: this contest is fun and an ideal way to get more knowledge, good relationships & friends and best certification’s to level-up my resume from other candidates.

  19. Shelley Mason says:

    I love learning….and struggle paying tuition. Presently I am unable to draw on funds for this purpose as I am starting a Lifecoach business. My fantasy of working with my toes planted firmly in the sand. I am designing my website and would love to start off with SEO content right out of the gate. What a dream…free education. Me: ~Imagining high rankings AND a captive audience~

  20. Alex Wheeler says:

    I want to become a certified SEO copywriter in order to serve my clients and customers more effectively. Not only will I be able to create higher quality content, but I will be able to communicate better about why SEO is important. My goal, as always, is to help myself be successful by helping others achieve their goals.

  21. Kathleen says:

    I’d like to become a certified SEO copywriter because I feel that a certification would improve my skills as well as instill prospective clients with more confidence in my services. SEO is such a new field, so I think what Success Works is doing is extremely important. Anyone can throw up a website and call themselves an SEO copywriter — I’d like to have this certification to validate my SEO knowledge and set myself apart.

  22. Mathes Jones says:

    Writing for the web is like to putting gas in a car, while SEO is the high performance additive that gives it more power per stroke. I think it’s fair to say that knowing SEO is the only way to completely serve a client’s needs when it comes to web copywriting. Without it, the client stands at risk. So if I don’t do it, somebody else will have to. And I’d rather be the one.

  23. Bjorn says:

    I love to learn… I love to write… SEO is how you make the difference.

    Personally i think, in Holland there are too little people who really understand SEO copywriting. There are lots of people who understand the basics of SEO, myself included. But a in-depth knowledge of SEO? I don’t think there are many of them.

    And you know what? I want to become the nr1 in the Netherlands on SEO copywriting…

    So this is an excellent opportunity to go for it, to make the first step.

  24. Leslie Ademola says:

    As a web copywriter, it is very important to understand how the search engines work. You need to speak and understand “SEO” geek. Otherwise you are doing your clients a huge disservice.

    Clients will rely on you for understanding keyphrase strategy, hyperlink strategy and content marketing to boost their entire online marketing campaign. Not understanding SEO means you will miss important opportunities, it is crucial to stay educated in this fast-moving field.

  25. Hazel Hardie says:

    I was ready to start my new copywriting career. I’d completed AWAI’s course and found a client.

    Then I fell pregnant… morning sickness and complete fatigue hit. Bleugh! I lost all motivation and hid under a duvet for days. My client lost patience and left.

    I’m all alone and need a hug. Failing that, the SEO Certification Course would provide the perfect motivation boost. It looks fantastic!

    If I could afford to I’d buy it tomorrow!

  26. Evelyn says:

    Keeping up with changes in the search engines, coming up with the perfect keywords and writing content that attracts both human visitors and search engine spiders has been my passion since 2006. Having a recognized credential for SEO copywriting would be frosting on the cupcake for me. Getting certified as an SEO expert will add to my skill set and help me to improve my craft, and assure prospective clients that I know my stuff.

  27. Alejandra Rodas says:

    I knew I loved writing several years ago. Letters were not only my hobbie, but my passion! I got a new job on 2010. I was given the opportunity to develop my writing skills plus learning about SEO. Since then, I discovered the amazing power of SEO and I must confess I fall in love immediately. I really want to become a successful Certified SEO copywriter to perfectly match these skills into my field: advertising.

  28. Tommy Tan says:

    I would like to sharpen my writing skills so that I can provide better reading materials for people seeking for help. I want to convey what I want to explain so it will be easier for people to understand and provide a better place for people seeking information for FREE, completely FREE!! A Hobby!

  29. Carol Wiley says:

    I want to have fun! Plus, as a content writer who already understands the basics of SEO, I want to expand into copywriting and gain a deeper understanding of best SEO practices.

  30. Travonda Thomas says:

    Being passionate about writing is only a piece to my puzzle. Being great at my passion gives me confidence, but being trained by the best & certified gives me an edge that my clients benefit from. Client satisfaction = Joy for me.

  31. Keith Koger says:

    As someone who is in a very competitive field (graphic and web design), it would be helpful to be found online! More importantly, however, is that I would like to help my clients get found. I charged a client a pretty penny to design a custom site but he gets no traffic. I feel bad about that and want to change it.

  32. Tess Wittler says:

    I specialize in writing content for builders, remodelers and trade contractors, and in the last six months, I’ve received several inquiries for writing website content for this niche. I am extremely interested in learning (and staying abreast) of SEO best practices so I can confidently offer these services and be seen as the “go-to” copywriter for contractors – especially those transitioning to online marketing. Thank you for your consideration.

  33. Bryan Williams says:

    Let’s begin with the fact that I love to write, crave new challenges and am addicted to the internet. No, that’s not good enough. How about this…

    1.) I work for an EVIL financial corporation.
    2.) They make me do three jobs.
    3.) They pay me for one job.
    4.) I commute 2 1/2 hours per day.
    5.) I work with self-important ass-kissers.

    Did I mention I like to write?

  34. Nina says:

    My business is growing, and I am at the point where I need to hire a few writers. This training will help me enhance my skills and provide a structured guideline to all writers who choose to represent my brand. Not only that, I will provide my clients with the knowledge and support they need to produce good quality content that gets found.

  35. AmyJo says:

    By winning this scholarship, I feel it would give me that needed edge to expanding my visibility to those that are looking for a copywriter in a specialized niche. It would also help give me the understanding of how SEO works and why. Education is a lifelong process and each experience adds the knowledge a person has. Those that resist fail to reach their goals and those that continue learning exceed theirs.

  36. Don Sturgill says:

    The best way to stop growing is to stop learning. And the best way to stop learning is to stop studying your craft.

    Heather and the SuccessWorks team are determined to not let that happen. To sign up for their SEO Copywriting course is to take a stand and make a decision:

    “I’m not going to fade away with the want-to-be crowd. I’m going to grow for it!”

  37. Tysa Fennern says:

    Working with community to get messages magnified in the fast-paced internet world is what I want to do. With certification I’d be confident in expanding my passion for SEO to the web-os-phere and bring more value into the voices that need to be heard. Being able to craft better content is exciting! I call myself an Internet Innovationist, and I think this SEO copywriting certification would help bring that truth to others!

  38. Joe Armstrong says:

    I dove headfirst into the world of SEO following my university graduation. Among other things, I’ve been writing SEO copy for several years now but haven’t acquired a specific certification. I’m constantly looking for ways to sharpen my skills and improve my personal brand equity. I understand the value of quality content and believe this course presents an excellent opportunity.

  39. Davanna Cimino says:

    I asked myself “what good is it being the best copywriter in the world if no one reads your stuff?” I did answer myself, but I wasn’t listening. The dog was witness to this episode of self=talk, and recommended I get some SEO copywriting training. ”Then maybe people — including you — will start paying attention to you.” That dog has never been wrong yet.

  40. Kel says:

    My family still young, a boy and two girls.
    One may need more help than the others.
    An average wage job takes me from home eleven hours a day.
    Then orbiting the internet copywriting planet and burning the midnight oil.
    Armed with SEO for dummies and some direct response classics, I ‘Google’ search for a better way.
    This blip on the radar draws close in a flash.
    The teacher appears because the student is ready.

  41. Nicola King says:

    Good, better, best, I will never rest, until my good is better, and my better, best! We recited this in primary school. My writing is good. I have satisfied clients who tell me so. I’ve spent a lifetime making my good better, learning to write with precision and concision. What do I need to make my better best? To make my writing stand out. I need Search Engine Optimisation Certification.

  42. Jake Schweich says:

    I want to become a certified SEO copywriter because I love everything about social media for business. Plus, I have always said I would make a killing if I could find a way to get paid by the word.

  43. Nancy Tierney says:

    When it comes to copywriting, I’m a glutton for more. More resources, more know-how, and certainly more confidence in my ability to serve my clients. But when it comes to SEO copywriting, I’ve been suspicious. How is it possible to write a truly captivating message if it’s crammed with keywords? What is the secret? I have to know.

  44. George Tisdale says:

    Being a better writer than I’ve ever been in my life is no longer enough. Being able to work faster, to come up with more creative concepts is no longer enough. Being more than a writer, i.e., an idea person who can conceive a brand voice, is no longer enough. I have to have more than a passing appreciation of digital marketing. I must wrap my English-major brain around search-engine-optimized writing and make it mine.

  45. Trish says:

    In the blink of an eye they’re gone. Those eyeballs on my website. Off to find the next best thing in Google or Bing. Help me keep their gaze. Teach me how to engage my readers and win them over. Show me how to seamlessly weave keywords into my copy so my pages attract human eyes and human interest, not just computer algorithms. Help me become a great SEO copywriter.

  46. Tess Neale says:

    You giving away this course is awesomely nice,
    so I’m jumping in here hoping for luck when you roll the dice.
    I want to use what I learn for good,
    to educate small businesses owners and SEO folks in my hood.

  47. Shirley says:

    To help my clients succeed, I know I need to continually educate myself and expand my skill set. SEO copywriting is one of those skills. Savvy businesses already understand they need SEO to connect with their target audience when they communicate, they just don’t know how. Certification adds credibility to my story when I consult with one of these businesses. And, if I am investing in my education, I want to learn from the best!

  48. Alice says:

    I am a former technical writer/business analyst and realize the importance of SEO in today’s online world. Certification would add to my freelance writing skills that I offer to small business and startups. I checked out other offerings and found yours to be the most interesting and very comprehensive.

  49. Sandra A. says:

    I want to become a Certified SEO copywriter because: 1) As a woman, I admire what Heather has done to grow her business and I would like to do the same ; 2) This program will help me increase my skills so that I can provide clients the best in SEO copywriting.

  50. Kevin Mar says:

    I have gotten a Master’s Degree in Science, gotten married to the most wonderful women in the world, had three wonderful children, and trained a search dog, but I have STILL not taken Heather’s Certified SEO Copywriter course. It’s known as the clear path to SEO knowledge and I would love to take the Yellow Brick Road to “SEO”z.

  51. Jennifer Nice says:

    I started my freelance writing career one year ago after 18 years of teaching writing to public school students. Authentic learning sprouts from doing! The past 12 months have been a steep learning curve, but I’m ready to take it to the next level and devote myself to the program. Earning the SEO copywriting certification will teach me the craft of SEO writing and distinguish me from other copywriters. Thank you for the opportunity!


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