Interview with SEO Copywriting Certification Grad, Cherryl Wistos

Cherryl never thought of herself as a writer.

After college, she worked as a liaison between design engineers and factory personnel in the aerospace and automotive industries for some 25 years.

Cherryl converted engineering drawings created by design engineers into step-by-step instructions for factory personnel to use.

She loved the challenges and interacting with the people.

But when the manufacturing industry started cutting back, like so many others… Cherryl found herself looking for work.

While working as an independent contractor, Cherryl started a part-time marketing and graphic design business – a long time passion. She created promotional materials like… brochures, business cards, promotional fliers, and such… for small businesses in her area.

Then in 2007, she discovered the world of copywriting.  Taking a LOT of courses from AWAI, Cherryl quickly learned how different copywriting was from the step-by-step instructional type of  writing she had been doing.

But she also discovered how beneficial both types of writing could be for the right targeted market.

Her company, Target Marketing Strategies, markets services to small and mid-sized companies within her areas of expertise in the following categories:

  • Business-to-business
  • Hi-Tech Business
  • Manufacturing (aerospace, automotive-related, and so on…)

Not only does Cherryl have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology, but she continuously adds to her education by taking courses in marketing and graphic design.

She recently completed Heather’s SEO Copywriting Certification course to increase credibility to her potential clients.

What attracted you to SEO Copywriting?

I’d built my own website using one of those web templates. You know the kind I mean – the ones that tell you: you can have your site up and on the ‘net in a few easy steps. Well after spending several days setting it up and publishing it… my site wasn’t getting found by anyone and it wasn’t getting any traffic either.

The first time I’d heard about SEO copywriting was when Heather introduced her SEO Copywriting Success Course through AWAI. I jumped on it!

The tips I learned from her really opened my eyes. I applied them to my site and within a short time, started gaining visibility and better search engine rankings.

After that… I was HOOKED!

What SEO Copywriting projects are you working on now?

I’m working with a client who wants to ramp-up the lead generation on her site. She bought into a leads generating program and wants me to set it up for her with landing pages, sales pages and such.

Plus… I’m building a passive income – money-making website for myself.  And I’m always tweaking my business site to increase visibility and attract more clients.

What do you find most challenging/interesting about SEO copywriting?

The most interesting part of SEO copywriting for me is refining the content so it makes sense to the reader and yet still provides the search engines with enough tasty ‘treats’.

What have you found to be the biggest “take-aways” from the SEO Copywriting Certification program?

That’s easy!  Validation.  Being certified as an SEO copywriter adds credibility in the eyes of my clients.

I learned from my college days that, that piece of paper called the diploma gives you a leg up. Not because of the diploma, but because it shows the employers or clients that you see things through and don’t quit. It’s not easy and they know it.

So anytime you can add credibility, that’s a plus.  At least that’s been my experience.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Ah – free time. What’s that? HA… just kidding. My family and I recently moved to Northern California. So we’re having a blast exploring the area.

We live up in the Sierra Nevada’s where the 1849 gold rush happened. There’s LOTS of history here – sights to see… like touring the Empire Mine. One of the most profitable hard-rock gold mines in the area… removing 5.8 million ounces of gold out of the ground from 1850 to when it closed in 1956… due to water flooding the mine shafts.  In fact… that’s what my passive income site is about… Northern California Fun.

Any words for those considering enrolling in the SEO Copywriting Certification program?

Like I said before… if you want to be taken seriously by your clients, then give yourself an edge.  This SEO Copywriting Certification Program does just that. It adds validation and increases credibility. It’s been my experience!

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