SEO experts weigh in: Authorship, social SEO, link building & Schema

Four guest posts by SEO copywriting experts are featuredFrom time to time we like to feature some of our best guest author content – and you’ll be glad to know that today is just such a time!

Beginning with Eric Enge’s post on what Google’s authorship markup means for SEO, we’ve also included Dana Lookadoo on optimizing content for social sharing, Carrie Hill on how to use Schema markup to stand out in search, and Jon Hall on why link building in the real world requires the work of sales.

So here are they are…Savor, bookmark…enjoy!


What Google's authorship markup means for SEOWhat Google’s authorship markup means for SEO

Eric Enge has been tracking Google’s authorship markup since the search giant announced its support for it back in June of 2011. In this article, he discusses why authorship will become a ranking signal, and shares three takeaways for SEO content marketers.





Send the right search signals with social content optimizationSend the right search signals with social content optimization

Dana Lookadoo expands on her presentation to Heather Lloyd-Martin’s SEO Copywriting Certification members, delving into how to structure content so it is more likely to be shared. She also explains Open Graph protocol and how to track social shares in Google Analytics.



Make your SEO content shine in search with SchemaMake your SEO content shine in search with Schema

Carrie Hill shares her expertise on how to use mark-up to improve search positions. She discusses the three best Schema protocols to learn as an SEO content writer, and emphasizes how acquiring this skill set can set you apart from 99% of other SEO copywriters.




Real link building requires salesReal link building requires sales

Jon Ball shares his considerable real-world experience in link building to highlight what a post-Penguin strategy requires: sales. He discusses how SEOs have become afraid to pursue links, instead passively relying on “inbound marketing.” He then outlines steps to successful link building in the real world.



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  1. Solomon says:

    Great articles. I think it all comes to the same fundamental principle of great content. Authorship, SEO, social content – it all needs to be unique, compelling and magnetic in order to attract clicks, shares and credibility.


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