SEO copywriting roundup: Hottest posts week of November 12, 2013

Put out content as high quality as this school busContent’s blowin’ up big time! You can tell not only by how much of it we have to wade through on the Internet ever day, but that the word appears an average of 1 bazillion times in the article titles throughout this post.

Business owners are steadily realizing that they need to create content to draw potential customers in. They’re also realizing they can’t just create any content; it must be search engine optimized and high quality.

That’s a huge win for us SEO copywriters!

But, while the future looks bright for us, it might be a little scary for business owners needing to break out of the old biz-model mold.

Other key words (does it count as a pun if it’s two words?) in this week’s roundup are “Hummingbird,” “SEO” and “keywords”. This highlights that even those of us who excel at the whole quality content thing need to stay on our toes to keep up with Google’s ever-evolving algorithm updates to write correctly optimized copy for our businesses and clients.

Read on for help with that and more from our search-industry experts.

WriteOnline’s Kevin Carlton shares The common-sense way to edit your writing – without going overboard.

Sonia Simone at Copyblogger tells us 7 Things the Great Copywriters Wish You Knew.

Convince & Convert’s Kevin Cain gives us Making Contact: How You Deliver Your Content Matters.

Melissa Fach writes Guest Writers, Are You Missing Opportunities to Interact with a New Audience? for CopyPress.

Learn 5 simple steps to sourcing SEO copywriting services from Leslie Poston on our own SEO Copywriting blog.

Michael Martinez gives us some Vague Promises and Other Search Marketing Advice from SEO Theory.

State of Digital’s Barry Adams tells us Why Keyword Rankings Still Matter.

Social Media Today’s Kevan Lee writes Why Google Authorship Is So Important for the Content You Create and How to Set It Up.

Patricia Redsicker shares 5 Habits of Successful Content Marketers: New Research on Social Media Examiner.

Stephanie Walden gives us 5 Businesses That Rock Content Marketing on Mashable.

Raubi Perilli writes Optimize Your Content Plan for Google’s In-depth Article Results for Content Marketing Institute.

Jayson DeMers tells us How to Evaluate and Overhaul Your SEO Strategy on Search Engine Journal.

Search Engine Land’s Jim Yu writes Google Hummingbird & The Keyword: What You Need To Know To Stay Ahead.

Rand Fishkin Talks New Approach to Link Building, Content Marketing & Contextual Search in Brad Miller’s Search Engine Watch post.

Barry Schwartz says there were Reports Of A Google Update Between November 1st & 5th on Search Engine Roundtable.

Vertical Measures gives us 11 Questions to Ask Before You Blog.

Corey Eridon answers How Long Should Your Blog Posts Be? [FAQs] on the HubSpot blog.

Blind Five Year Old’s AJ Kohn asks WHAT DOES THE HUMMINGBIRD SAY?

Tom Schmitz writes the 2014 SEO Playbook: Google Hummingbird, Content & Authority for Search Engine Land.

Megan Marrs shares 9 Ways to Steal Your “Not Provided” Keyword Data Back! on WordStream.

Our own Heather Lloyd-Martin tell us How to source low-cost, quality SEO content on the SEO Copywriting blog.

Marketo’s Rick Siefried gives us Marketing with What Makes You Happy: Content with Johnny Cupcakes.

TopRank’s Eliza Steely shares 7 Tips and Tools to Craft a Killer Content Marketing Strategy #SESCHI.

Gini Dietrich writes Fiction, Write Club, and Content Creation for Spin Sucks.

Bill Slawski writes Hummingbird and Author Rank Authority over on SEO by the Sea.

Search Engine Journal’s Natalie Mott gives us The Pros and Cons of 100% (Not Provided).

Check out Ginny Soskey‘s Copywriting Inspiration: 10 Places You Never Thought to Look on the HubSpot Hub blog.

Marketo’s DJ Waldow teaches us The Power of Human Content: Virgin America’s New Safety Video.

Eric Enge tells us What Everybody Missed About Hummingbird: Social Signals on Search Engine Land.

Andrew Delamarter writes Make Your Own Keywords for Search Engine Watch.

Sean Si tells us What Marvel Comics Taught me about Starting an SEO Company on SEO Hacker.

SEO Theory’s Michael Martinez lets us know What the SEO Cycle Should Look Like Today.

Martin Couzins asks Time to consider ebooks in your content marketing mix? over on Web Analytics World.

Lux Narayan gives A simple micro-content strategy for brands on iMedia Connection.

451 Heat’s Francis Skipper writes Google Hummingbird’s Focus on Semantic Search.

Katie shares Three Ways To Get More Eyes on Your Blog Content on Endurance Marketing.

Mark Schaefer writes I am a blogger. In other words, a piece of meat. on the {grow} blog.

Ann Smarty posts Building Links Through Relationships – My #PubCon Presentation on Internet Marketing Ninjas.

Marketing Land’s Ginny Marvin writes Twitter Announces Custom Timelines For Tweet Curation Around Events And Topics.

Mackenzie Fogelson writes 5 Strategic Steps to Big Content on The Moz Blog.

Elizabeth Maness gives us Copywriting Tips: You Want Me To Put My Copy Where? on Assist Social Media.

Photo thanks to Matt Kowal (Bruce High Quality Foundation’s Teach 4 Amerika @ Portland State University)

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How to thrive post-Hummingbird: A guide for SEO content creators

These hummingbirds process the Google Hummingbird algorithm overhaul.Like, whoa! In case you’ve missed the Internet the past couple weeks, Google overhauled it’s entire search algorithm with Hummingbird.

Did the Hummingbird update kill SEO copywriting? No. But now, marketing departments and freelance writers have more room to move in their SEO content creation efforts. Additionally, the “old way” of creating keyword-stuffed content is officially dead.

In our revamped roundup, check out this compilation of expert articles on writing the write way for Google’s new era – and share your favorite Hummingbird writing tip in the comments below.

Brad Lawless writes “Google Hummingbird and Influencer Marketing – Quality Content Always Wins” for Business 2 Community.

Gini Dietrich gives us “Hummingbird Update: What it Means for PR Pros” over at Spin Sucks.

Forbes says “Google Hummingbird: A Mobile Content Marketing Strategy Just Became Essential” by Jayson DeMers.

Search Engine Journal’s Rick Egan writes “3 Ways Content Will Be Affected by Google’s Latest Hummingbird Update”.

“Google’s Hummingbird Update: What You Need To Know” comes from Sam Lowe on Business 2 Community.

HubSpot‘s Steve Haase tells us “Why Google’s Hummingbird Algorithm Is Perfect for Inbound Marketers”.

Steve Rayson shares “10 Ways Google’s Hummingbird Will Shape Future SEO and Content Marketing” on Social Media Today.

Venture Beat’s Ricardo Bilton gives us “Things, not strings: How Google’s new Hummingbird algorithm sets the stage for the future of mobile search”.

Jeff Quip writes “What Does Google Hummingbird Mean for SEOs?” for Search Engine People.

TechCrunch‘s Matthew Panzareno writes “Why Did Apple Buy Cue? Because Google Now Eats Siri’s Lunch”.

Doc Sheldon writes “After ‘(Not Provided)’ & Hummingbird, Where is Google Taking Us Next?” for Search Engine Watch.

Molly Hoffmeister shares “What Google’s Hummingbird Means for Content Marketers” on pardot.

The New York Times Bits blog posts “Google Alters Search to Handle More Complex Queries” by Claire Cain Miller.

Christopher Penn writes “How PR can affect your Google Hummingbird SEO” for SHIFT Communications.

Ken Wisnefski talks about “What changes come with Google’s Hummingbird?” on Market Watch.

Adam Stetzer tells us “What ‘(Not Provided)’ & Google Hummingbird Mean for Small Business SEO” on Search Engine Watch.

SMARTT‘s Ray Wang shares “3 Tips on how to take Advantage of Google’s Hummingbird”.

Streetwise Media‘s Caroline Lyle gives us “Why Google Hummingbird Will Help, Not Hurt, Your SEO”.

Kyle Kam posts “Google Hummingbird: It’s About Time” on Social Media Today.

Paul Bruemmer writes “Future SEO: Understanding Entity Search” for his All Things SEO column on Search Engine Land.

Ron Callari posts “Google’s Hummingbird Algo Shifts Search From Keywords To Semantic Technology [Web 3.0]” on Inventor Spot.

Business 2 Community‘s Joana Ferreria writes “Google Hummingbird Algorithm Update – What’s New?”

Sara Angeles writes “What Google’s Hummingbird Algorithm Means for Small Business” for Business News Daily.

Internet Marketing Ninjas shares “Website User Experience Design and Google’s New Hummingbird Algorithm” by Kimberly Krause Berg.

Vikram posts “Hummingbird and what it means to your knowledge base” for The Freshdesk Blog.

Search Engine Land‘s Eric Ward writes “How Will Google Hummingbird Impact Links? Here Are 6 Ways”.

Stay tuned for Heather’s take on Hummingbird, coming soon!

Photo (Hummingbirds) thanks to Coconino National Forest.