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Does Your B2B Content Strategy Target All the Key Influencers?

I came across this great post on HubSpot the other day that answered and negated the commonly cited shortcomings of inbound marketing their sales teams often hear from site owners and marketing managers. This section in particular really stuck with me: Claim: Decision-makers don’t spend their time online researching products and services…The idea is that […]

Balancing SEO and Copywriting Best Practices: A True Story

I was working with one of my social SEO clients on their blog. My SEO company, Brick Marketing, was responsible for writing two blog posts each week, which we would then promote through the client’s various social networks as they went live. We were specifically instructed to make sure the blog posts were “SEO friendly” […]

On-Site SEO: Optimizing for User Intent

User-intent plays a huge role in SEO. Understanding why someone uses a particular keyword or keyword phrase to search helps you better optimize your site to meet their needs. There are three kinds of searches that site owners have to be aware of (informational, navigational, and transactional) when it comes time to optimize their site. […]