Copywriting Lessons from the Masters

Greetings and welcome back! Today we’re featuring Heather’s 3-part video series on “lessons from the masters,” in both copywriting and editing.

From the disparate worlds of literary fiction, psychology, and television, Heather pulls valuable insights for the Web writer from Stephen King, Abraham Maslow, and infomercials. (Plus, a bonus post about what the creative genius behind Dr. Seuss, Theodor Geisel, can teach you about writing).

Tune in to learn what these masters can teach you…and enjoy!

What Maslow can teach you about copywriting

Based on psychologist Abraham Maslow’s “Hierarchy of Needs,” Heather walks us through the emotional (and motivational) levels of the psyche and illustrates how to tie your copy into each one with specific website examples.

Learn how to make your copy resonate with your customers on their deepest psychological levels, from their most basic physiological needs to their lofty esteem needs and aspirations.

What Stephen King can teach you about editing

Following through with the literary theme of last Thursday, on “What Dr. Seuss can teach us about copywriting,” this week’s video is on what Stephen King can teach us about editing.

King has already shared great advice for writers, but there’s far more to tap from this master storyteller. Learn the 4 solid tips for smart and successful online editing, via the example set by Stephen King!

What infomercials can teach you about copywriting

Heather demonstrates how informercials can inform your writing with structure, clear calls to action, and benefit statements that scream value to the prospect.

She admits that she’s actually addicted to informercials because of what they show you about the process of building excitement and getting people really pumped about buying a product, and showing that product’s value so well.

Learn how watching infomercials can improve your writing…

What Dr. Seuss can teach you about writing engaging copy

In this (non-video) post that started it all, Heather writes:

“Confession time: I love Dr. Seuss.

“The words to One Fish, Two Fish are stuck in my brain. I have a Dr. Seuss watch. I have Dr. Seuss books on my iPad. I watch “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” ever year. I even have a limited edition print hanging in my bedroom.

“Why? The words that Theodor Geisel (otherwise known as Dr. Seuss) wrote had an impact on me. Yes, his books taught me how to read (and they always bring back fond memories of my mother reading them to me.) But it’s more than that.

“His books taught me that reading (and writing) is fun. And engaging. And interesting.”

Read more on what Dr. Seuss can teach you about writing engaging copy.

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