SEO content marketing roundup, week ending May 18th

It’s officially spring here in the Pacific Northwest!  Saw my first goldfinch, the sun is beaming, there’s no rain forecast for at least three days, and the flowers are blooming! What could possibly go wrong? Well, you could eat something less than spring-fresh at the local diner…and feel very unseasonal with flu-like symptoms. Yep. So while this week’s latest and greatest web writing news is as abbreviated and belated as this La Nina’s northwest spring, it is still as fresh as the proverbial daisy. Enjoy!

Content Marketing:

Content Marketing Institute gets all comprehensive with it:  Content Recycling from A to Z, and 50 – yes, 50 – content marketing questions answered.

Lee Odden shares the story behind TopRank Marketing as well as his insights into the future of social SEO and content marketing at SEO Copywriting.

Six Revisions: The importance of having a web content strategy

Mark Schaefer of {grow}: When did we forget about strategy?

Copyblogger put out some great stuff, including:  How the Buddha solved his marketing problem21 ways to create compelling content when you don’t have a clue, and 5 ways to quickly write high-quality content.

Fear of writing out loud: Seth Godin asks Who is making you uncomfortable? and Heather Lloyd-Martin asks Are you writing afraid?

HubSpot Notables:  60 – yes, 60  — ways that personalization is changing marketing (look out, CMI); How to begin video marketing; and Avoiding the 5 – only 5 — pitfalls of free content.

SEO & Search:

That whole Facebook underhanded smearing stuff re: Google drew much attention.  Here are a few gems:

  • The Daily Beast broke the story (or at least was most cited)
  • CBS News reported that “Facebook throws the first punch at Google” in the ensuing, ah, stuff.
  • Search Engine Land’s Danny Sullivan gives his in-depth take on the whole deal with “Examining Facebook’s smear campaign concerns about Google social circle.”

Search Engine Watch: debuts its new look; posts SEO website redesign/relaunching (without losing sleep); and 8 steps to optimizing your blog post.

Level 343 announces its Top SEO Women 2012 finalists for votes through November, and posts this delightful “If you’re going to write about SEO, get it right.”

Great article via Sphinn:  Google doesn’t laugh – saving witty headlines in the age of SEO via The Atlantic.

Search Engine Land: Matt McGee reports on “Zanran,” (a new search engine that unearths data in charts, graphics, and tables); George Aspland discusses how to increase conversions for organic keywords; and Daniel Waisberg posts how to integrate Google Analytics and YouTube.

TopRank Blog: Is your SEO program chasing unicorns?

Read Write Web:  The most exciting developer news from Google’s I/O gig (mobile marketers/poll).

Search Engine Journal:  Rachel Andersen posts Digging deep with internal site search part 1, and part 2.

SEO Optimise:  Video blog ROI: social media vs. SEO.

Distilled:  Getting big links from big media sites (PR).

Google:  Think “insights” with G’s new site for data lovers.  Also posted at The Next Web.

SEOmoz:  Tom Critchlow from Distilled helps SEOmoz with its analytics with the Whiteboard Friday presentation.

Michael Gray:  Does the number of ads on your site affect your link-ability?

Social Media Marketing:

Marketing Sherpa:  Chart of the week showing the top metrics used for measuring social marketing impact (via survey).

V3 Integrated Marketing: Social bookmarking – what it is and why it matters.

Mashable:  LinkedIn IPO set for 5/29, and 17 Twitter tips from Mashable Connect attendees.

Social Media Examiner: 11 ways to find new content for your social strategy; and weekly news headlined with More social networking options.

Ad Age:  A breakdown of demographics among Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace and Twitter.

Danny Brown:  The difference between engaged and engaging.

Mack Collier: Most social media aren’t hacks, but a lot of them are misguided.

HubSpot:  Understanding online influence and engagement with Brian Solis.



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