7 hot tips for writing a top-converting services page

Greetings! Today we’re picking up our video series on how to write a fantastic, profitable website with Heather’s presentation on writing a top-converting services page.  If you’ve been following Heather’s Monday how-to’s thus far, you’re already familiar with the essentials of writing a killer home page and a revenue-driving product page.  Today, she shares seven hot tips for generating leads with SEO copywriting for your site’s services page.

Services pages are critical for both B2B and B2C sites, as their common, primary goal is lead generation (while with ecommerce, the main goal is sales). There may be a little bit of direct sales/transactions that take place, like purchasing a few hours of consulting, but usually the main objective of both B2B and B2C websites is to get folks to contact them, whether by phone or email.

This contact – lead generation — is the conversions goal.  It’s all about getting the lead.  With that in mind, here are seven smart strategies for capturing leads with savvy SEO copywriting for your services page:

1. Service-Specific Benefit Statements vs. Feature-Oriented Content

Again, getting back to features vs. benefits, you want to address how your service can specifically benefit your prospect.  You want to dive deep into your unique benefits and make them very clear and explicit.  Merely listing features makes you sound the same as everyone else that provides the same or similar service.  Whether you’re a plumber or high-end consultant, the more specific your benefit statements, and the more honed your unique sales proposition (U.S.P.), the better for your site’s conversions goals.

2.  Specific Landing Pages for your Main Target Audiences vs. “General” Service Pages that Aren’t Targeted

If at all possible, writing landing pages that specifically address your main targeted audiences is a powerful strategy. Constant Contact, an email platform, is a prime example of doing just that, and very well – providing vertical-specific landing pages targeted towards individual industry niches.  The point is to tie your writing back to your customer persona and really drive home the “what’s-in-it-for-them” benefits. If you can manage it with separate landing pages per niche, then all the better!

3.  Write the Right Amount of Content that Clearly Explains your Offer vs. Writing Skimpy Copy Because you Think People Should “Just Call You”

Of course, what you write in terms of content will vary according to what services you offer and your writing style, but you do want to avoid writing skimpy copy thinking that your prospects will follow up with a call to get more information.  People won’t “just call.”  They’re busy, and want to get as many answers as they can from your services page beforehand.

You can lose sales with just such an assumption.  If a prospect doesn’t get the answers they’re looking for on your site, they are not necessarily going to pick up the phone.  They’re more likely to move on to a site that does a better job with providing them with clear, benefit-specific content that addresses their needs.

4. Include Testimonials (Especially Vertical-Specific Testimonials) vs. Testimonials that Only List Initials

Testimonials are a great, positive asset to your site, but are only as credible as you make them.  Whenever possible, use the full, real names of your testimonial clients rather than just initials.   The latter can look fake, however real they might be, and in the end could prove counter-productive.

5.  Highlight Overarching Company Benefits vs. Hiding Your Benefits in the Copy (or Not Mentioning Them at All)

Besides individual, specific services benefits, you want to highlight the larger, big-picture benefits that your company has to offer on every single page of your website.  You want to convey how your company or business, as a whole, can help your prospect.

It’s vey common with B2B companies to list technical features and facts, and assume that is all their prospect wants or needs to know.  But again, while it’s definitely true that a customer wants to know the facts, they also want to know how you can specifically help them.  Present the facts in such a way as to let them know just that:  move beyond the features into specific company and service benefits.

6. Fantastic, Benefits-Oriented Titles vs. Titles with Broad Keywords

As discussed previously, Titles are very important!  You definitely want to include a benefit statement in your Titles, as they serve dual masters: your readers and the search engines.  If you go with vague, non-descript Titles with broad keywords, such as “marketing services” or “web design,” you are not going to be noticed by either.

If you find your Titles are vague, this is your opportunity to go back to your keyword/keyphrase research and pull out something that is far more specific and better defines YOU.

7.  Naming the Services with Keyphrase Research in Mind

A cool-sounding, unique service name may wind up being just that, and buried deep in the search engine results pages.  Clever service names are not intuitively search-able, and won’t serve to drive traffic to your site.  Rethink your service name and consider pairing it with something that will be recorded by the search engines.

Thanks for tuning in!  As always, your comments and questions are welcome.  Be sure to join Heather next week, when she discusses the art of writing “About Us” pages…and addresses whether there should be more than one?  See you then!

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    • Heather
      Heather says:

      Fantastic! I’m so glad it’s helpful.

      Wow, is it hard to rewrite the copy since you’re so “close” to it? I know you’ve worked there for awhile….

  1. Beth
    Beth says:

    Hi Heather! I’d love to hear more about how to actually implement your #2 tip, about creating niche landing pages for your services. Do you call these niches out on the home page? If you serve several niches, couldn’t this get a little crowded? I’m off to check out the Constant Contact page now to see how they do it…

    • Heather
      Heather says:

      Hey, Beth!

      All great questions! You know, I thought I had specifically blogged about that tip, but not in depth. Check out next Thursday’s post and I’ll reveal all. 🙂 Thanks for your question!

  2. Rachel
    Rachel says:

    Hey Heather,

    Great tips. Things I had never thought of. A real treat this was listening to your advice. I have a tighter perspective to work from now. More of a focus and no skimping. To be honest I did not consider key words in the service. So many tips I’m taking away with me. Thank you.


    • Heather Lloyd-Martin
      Heather Lloyd-Martin says:

      Thank YOU, Rachel! I’m glad you enjoyed the post — I’ve considered recording more video posts, so I appreciate the feedback.

      Have a great day!


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