SEO Video Guide to Writing a Killer Website: 5 Simple Steps

Greetings!  Today’s video blog captures Heather’s five-part series on how to writer a killer website, from the home page to that oft-neglected, conversions star of a FAQ page.

If you’ve been struggling with creating your own website, or could use some help with traffic, lead generation and conversions, then this five-step video blog guide should prove most useful in guiding you through the whole website writing process.

There is stiff competition out there. Knowing how to make each page of your website count, rank, and convert will go a long way in gaining that competitive edge. Tune in and help yourself to Heather’s expert SEO web-writing advice!

1. 5 Sure-Fire Ways to Create a Killer Home Page

Your home page is the most important page of your site. Here, Heather shows how to avoid the most common mistakes made with home page copy, and then guides you through 5 tried-and-true strategies for creating a killer home page that will resonate with both readers and search engines.

2. Drive Revenues with Benefit-Specific, Targeted Product Pages

Product pages are “money pages.” In this video post, Heather discusses the six elements that make for a revenue-driving product page using highly specific benefit statements and a honed customer persona, as well as smart SEO copywriting for e-commerce.

3. 7 Hot Tips for Writing a Top-Converting Services Page

Service pages are crucial for lead generation, whether you’re B2B or B2C.  Unlike product/e-commerce product pages, the main conversions goal of a services page is to get readers to contact you. Check out Heather’s video on writing conversions-inducing services pages with these seven hot tips.

4. So What “About Us”? How to Awaken this Sleeper Page

Like the proverbial sleeping beauty, the “About Us” page is typically in slumber, just waiting for your wakening kiss of skilled copywriting, internal linking, and SEO. It’s a heavily-trafficked page that is yearning to be optimized for conversions: find out how via a case study, as well as Heather’s own experience.

5. How to Turn a Boring FAQ Page Into a Sales Star

This proved to be one of the hottest of the 5-part series on creating a killer website: transforming the humble FAQ page into a sales star. As with the “About Us” page, the FAQ page is heavily-trafficked yet dismally neglected, under-utilized with dull, non-optimized copy. Learn how to leverage your FAQ page to woo your readers and  sing to the search engines!

Thanks for checking in! Hope you found this website writing guide helpful.

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