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Why Shouldn’t I Handle My SEO Copywriting In-House?

As someone who just released an online SEO copywriting training series, you may think that I’m all about DIY SEO copywriting, all the time.

But that’s not quite true.

Recently, Mike Moran wrote a great blog post titled, “Why shouldn’t I do my search work in house?” In it, he listed some very specific reasons why outsourcing makes good sense for some companies.

I would argue that it’s the same for SEO copywriting. Yes, it is very possible to keep your SEO copywriting in house. Yes, good copywriters can be transformed into excellent SEO copywriters.

But sometimes, it makes more sense to outsource. Here are six of those times.

Three Free Ways to Get Your Online Marketing Butt in Gear

A post by Bob Bly got me thinking…

Bob posed the question, “Are your customers tightening their belts?” The DM News study he cited said that 84 percent of people surveyed have “cut back their spending.” Bob even mentioned his own experience – higher returns, less robust sales – the normal “we’re all in this recession together” blues.

But let’s think about this.

Could SEO Copywriting Help Kitchen Kaboodle?

Earlier this year, Kitchen Kaboodle a Portland, OR upscale kitchen retailer, got some major buzz for a very amazing thing.

They decided to close their retail store three days a week, opening their doors Thursday-Sunday only.


The co-owner, John Whistler, said that it was because of market demand. Customers wanted lower prices. Cutting expenses elsewhere wasn’t feasible. So, they closed during their slowest days.


How to Start a Freelance SEO Copywriting Shop

Ah, if I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard, “So, it’s easy to be a freelance SEO copywriter, right? All I need to do is learn SEO copywriting, find clients and start writing.”

Well yes. And no. Certainly, finding clients is important. And if they’ve paid you, clients really appreciate when you actually do the work and write the copy. But being a freelance SEO copywriter is more than writing catchy taglines and doing killer keyphrase research. If you don’t have a handle on the business side of your business (you know, the un-fun stuff like legal and accounting,) you’ll be out of commission before your first year.

Starbucks’ Latest Marketing Blunder: Value Meal Pricing

It is no secret that I frequently bang my head against a wall when I hear about Starbucks’ marketing. There was the breakfast sandwich blunder. The incredibly horrible Gold Card blogging screw-up. And now, the concept of Starbucks “value meals” (or, more accurately, what Howard Schultz calls “breakfast pairings at attractive prices.”) What the hell […]